Swatches Of Makeup Geek's Showstopper Creme Stains Will Get You Ready For Spring

With another season comes brand new lippies, and Makeup Geek's latest creation does not disappoint. Instead of just coming out with a spring lipstick line, they've decided to throw a brand new formula into the mix as well. Swatches of Makeup Geek's Showstopper Creme Stains are here, and the colors are absolutely stunning. You might have already seen the teaser of the products, but the colors will have you instantly ready for warmer weather. It's only a small peek into what's to come too.

When Makeup Geek announced that they were going to launch a tons of different lip formulas, they weren't kidding. This year alone, the brand has created their Iconic Lipstick, Plush Matte, Plush Creme, and Foiled Lip Gloss formula. Now they're back at it with another new creation — the Showstopper Creme Stains.

The brand hasn't said too much about what the formula will entail. From the sound of the name, it seems like you'll get a bold, non-matte, thin finish. Everything from the finish to the packaging is different from their other lippies. According to their Instagram post, there will be 18 shades of the Showstopper Creme Stains and they will be available sometime soon. Here's a look at the swatches so you can see what's to come.

Look at those warm-tones hues! There's everything from blush mauves to a deep almost-vampy red. This is only half of what's to come too. I'm willing to bet the other nine shades will be on the cooler side. Either way, this is definitely a great preview.

Can we just talk about the packaging for a second? Every formula that Makeup Geek created gets its own tube design. There's been twist-ups, clear, and shimmery tubes, but this time is even better. The shaped plus the swatches prove that this product is definitely a standout.

I think it's safe to say that Makeup Geek is having one heck of a year. Something tells me that this is only the beginning of amazing lippies to come.