Morphe's Tote Bag Is Super Affordable

Morphe has had a big year to say the least. They've created makeup sponges, gorgeous palettes, and even a towel that removes makeup. Now they're tackling something outside the beauty realm. Morphe created tote bags, so that you can carry all of your new makeup items. How much is the beauty bag, you ask? Believe me when I say that you'll be pleasantly surprised when you see the price tag.

When a brand comes out with new items, they normally hype it up. Not Morphe. They secretly slip items onto their site in the new section all the time. Now they have their first merch out, and you're going to absolutely love it. While you're stocking up on your makeup items, you can now get a bag to go with it.

The tote has the red and white Morphe logo with the slogan "Create. Inspire. Glam." on it. Want to hear the best part? The bag is only $2. Yes, you read that right. You can get as many totes as you want without breaking the bank. The brand is known for being super affordable, and it looks like their merch is staying the exact same way. You'll have to search it on the site to find it though.

Morphe Tote, $2,

Fingers crossed that this is the first of a big merch line. They already have a Morphe pin, so maybe they'll slowly bring in more. This could be the start of some serious swag, people.

Courtesy Morphe

If you're not into the bag, there's tons of other new releases for you to shop as well. They just came out with a limited edition Copper Dreams Brush Set as well as the Copper Spice and Bronzed Mocha palettes, which will be restocked soon. Basically, the brand does it all.

So what are you waiting for? Go shop all these goodies before they sell out!

Images: Morphe (1)