How Much Are Sigma's Mystery Haul Boxes? Treat Yourself, Beauty Lovers

There's no shortage of must-have beauty items on the market, but it's not every day that a mystery item becomes a total must have. That's exactly what's happened with Sigma's Mystery Haul boxes. The boxes are exactly what you'd think they are — a shipment of brushes and products where you don't quite know what exactly you're getting. It's basically a way to send a present to yourself. Who doesn't love surprises, right?

This isn't the first time that Sigma's Mystery Haul Boxes have debuted either. When they initially debuted, the boxes sold out in only a few hours. Now, they're back, and at three different price points, there's no reason not to shop them if you're a lover of all things cosmetic. From brushes to product, the Mystery Haul Boxes have great surprises in store for fans of Sigma.

According to the brand's website, three separate boxes retails for $15, $30, and $50. With the number of products in each box increasing as the price does. With each box, fans will get products such as brush cleaning essentials, brushes, and cosmetics. No matter the box you choose, you'll be snagging an exciting deal from Sigma. Whether you're splurging a bit or just wanting to try Sigma for the first time, the boxes are a great way to expand your makeup collect.

If the Mystery Boxes already seem like a good deal, the purchase will seem like an even better deal once you compare the retail price to the value of the products inside.

1. Want It Box


Want It Mystery Haul Box, $15, Sigma

With five products for $15, the Want It box is a steal, and it's actually value is more than double its cost at $37.

2. Need It Box


Need It Mystery Haul Box, $30, Sigma

Seven items for only $30? How could you miss this. Plus, it's value is a whopping $73.

3. Must Have It Mystery Box


Must Have It Box, $50, Sigma

Want products from every category Sigma offers? This box — worth $124 — is for you.

If you've been curious about Sigma for a while or just love a surprise, the Sigma Mystery Haul Boxes could just be for you.