UGG Boots Are Back With A Fiery, High Fashion Update

Courtesy of UGG

Ah, that UGG life. The boots are some of the most, um, questionable yet beloved trends of the '00s. And they are enjoying a high fashion resurgence along with other trends from yesterday. Von Dutch trucker hats have reappeared, and Juicy Couture tracksuits are having several moments, one of which was co-authored by Vetements. Now, Moschino creative director Jeremy Scott has designed high fashion UGGs, bringing the fuzzy footwear back to the forefront.

This is a Scott x UGG collab, not a Moschino x UGG collab, mind you. For the latest in that brand's pairings, see Moschino x Sephora.

Anyway, UGG boots were an '00s staple — hi Britney Spears and Kate Hudson!— that were as popular as they were reviled. But "UGGs," as they were called in an all-encompassing way, have never gone away. In 2017, howver, the shoes are so ready for a bedazzled boost from Scott, among other things.

According to Women's Wear Daily, the Scott-designed, sartorial UGGs are limited edition and will go on sale on Sept. 13. Just in time for fall and winter, and their cooler temps, right?

This isn't the first time UGG has gone high fash. The brand collaborated with Jimmy Choo back in 2010, and there's a men's collab with 3.1 Philip Lim on deck for October, as well.

Here's all the essential intel about UGG x J. Scott.

Courtesy of UGG

Scott, who is a self-described "undercover UGG fan" who loves "the way they look with pants and shorts" and who found out the brand wanted to work with him when his Aussie assistant contacted the company. Scott then designed eight pairs of UGGs for women, men, kids, and babies.

Courtesy of UGG

WWD reports that Scott designed a tall brown pair embroidered with "UGG" on one shoe and "Life" on the other. Get it?! "UGG Life." There is a fiery 'n' furry pair and a crystal and bead-encrusted pair, too.

Courtesy of UGG

The prices start at $90 and go as high as $1,195. The footwear will be available at select global retailers. In the U.S., there are five places to purchase Scott x UGG ― Just One Eye,, Serenella, Chuckies, and David Lawrence.

Besides its Scott collab, UGG has continued to reinvent itself with different styles, colors, and details.

UGG even has cozy slides, like so!

Whether you are an overt or undercover UGG fan, the brand certainly grabs attention with its collab with Scott. UGG also told WWD that it is further exploring other collabs with designers not only in the fashion world, but also in the tech and industrial spaces. That makes UGG feel infinitely cool, doesn't it?