Urban Decay's Vice Liquid Lippies Cost This Much

They're on the way! Urban Decay's Vice Liquid Lipsticks drop on Thursday, Jan 19. There are 30 shades in the Comfort Matte and Metallized finishes. It was the logical next step for the brand to expand its Vice lipstick range with liquid lippies, since that formula has been hugely popular for the past few years. The Urban Decay site has 10 exclusive, UD-only shades, as well. If you are a Beauty Junkie and a liquid lippie addict, you are certainly preparing for the launch of the liquid Vice lipsticks and need to plan your budget. How much are the Urban Decay Vice liquid lippies?

They are $18 a tube, as indicated on the Urban Decay site.

You could stock upon two or four or 12, depending on how much cash you have to blow and what colors you want and/or cannot live without. The brand's penchant for quality certainly makes deciding on a shade an incredibly difficult task. But no lipstick shaming here; I know the struggle is real.

Make sure to program a reminder in your calendar for this Thursday so you remember to shop these luxe, pigmented, and super sexy lippies. Go ahead. I'll wait while you create a digital alarm for yourself.

Now, let's observe these $18-per-tube lippies.

The formula is lifeproof — that is, it's waterproof and kiss-proof and won't budge until you take it off with your favorite makeup remover. Yes, yes, and yes!

So. Many. Shades.

This screen grab says it all. There is the price, the range of shades, and indicates which shades are Urban Decay site exclusive.

You may not smooch off your color but you will surely kiss your loot goodbye on Jan. 19, that's for sure!

This caption accompanies the above Insta post, further confirming the general and specific awesomeness of the Vice liquid lippies.

Images: Urban Decay/Instagram (2); Courtesy of Urban Decay (3)