Juicy Couture x Urban Outfitters Is So Affordable

Is there an early '00s look that's more iconic than the Juicy Couture velour sweatsuit? It's to find one, which is why I think it's so fun that the brand is bringing it back with its new Juicy Couture x Urban Outfitters collection. That's right, the sporty chic looks we all rocked in the early 2000s will be back for a limited time, and you can only get them at Urban Outfitters.

As someone who pined over zip-up Juicy Couture hoodies in middle school, I had to wonder what the price point for this new collection would be. My favorite zip-up hoodie cost me months of babysitting money, but I wanted to know if the collection would be slightly easier for me to afford now that I'm a kind-of grownup with a real job. So how much is Juicy Couture x Urban Outfitters? It's pretty much on par with the brand's price point for its previously popular pieces — the 14 pieces in the collection range from $39-199. It's a little higher than the brand went for before, but hey, inflation exists.

Singer, songwriter and Instagram star Tinashe is the face of the brand, and she looked amazing modeling all the looks from the collection in the promo photos.

Gorge, right? The look is class Juicy with a bit of a modern edge. Here are some other pieces you'll find in the collection.

1. Be Juicy Bandeau Top

Be Juicy Bandeau Top,

This bandeau top will probably be on the lower end of the price spectrum, and I love it.

2. Juicy Bodysuit

Juicy Bodysuit,

I'm thinking this adorable bodysuit will also be on the lower end of the $39-199 price range.

3. Red Juicy Hoodie

Red Juicy Hoodie,

I'm loving this classic velour hoodie, which I think will be one of the mid-range pieces from the collection.

4. Juicy Jumpsuit

Juicy Jumpsuit,

I'm loving this velour jumpsuit, which I think will likely be one of the pricier items in the collection.

With 14 pieces to choose from, you're bound to find a few items in your price range. The collection debuts on Monday, Feb. 13 so pick those items you want now and mark those calendars.