This Is How Much Kylie's V-Day Collection Costs

It's no secret that Kylie Jenner officially loves every holiday, and she loves to celebrate via her eponymous company, Kylie Cosmetics. Since Valentine's Day is right around the corner, it makes sense that a Kylie Cosmetics Valentine's Day Collection is coming soon. Now Jenner has given fans a peek into how much they can expect to pay for each piece in the collection as well as the bundle.

Fans of Jenner and her cosmetics brand are fairly accustomed to the mogul releasing groupings of products. Fans know that Jenner's birthday is actually a holiday, after all, so it makes sense that her first collection was released for such an occasion. Next up, was Jenner's Christmas Edition Collection. Now, fans are waiting for the release of the Valentine's Day Collection.

Jenner debuted the collection less than two weeks ago, and fans have been stoked for the collection of shadows, lip kits, and the newest blushes. Of course, being in line with the holiday, Jenner kept things in hues of pink and red, and honestly, even if it weren't for Valentine's Day, the collection would still be super on trend. The star didn't just debut the collection, though, she also let fans know how much to expect to pay for each item.

1. Mini Mattes

Jenner's super popular mini mattes are sure to be a hit in this collection. They're set to retail for $36.

2. Lip Kits

As for Jenner's signature lip kits, they'll retail for $30. That's one dollar more than usual.

3. Mini KyShadow and Lips

These new additions are super cute, and if history tells fans anything, it's that mini versions of Kylie Cosmetics product do well. I'd snag these fast. They'll be retailing for only $22 during the launch.

4. Kylie's Diary

This epic collection of Kyshadows and brand-new Kylie blushes is seriously amazing, and considering that traditional Kyshadow palettes retail for $42, this collection ringing in at $54 isn't bad at all.

5. Valentine's Day Bundle

If the Kylie Valentine's Day Collection is everything you've ever wanted, you can snag every product for $200.

With prices discovered, a release date announced, and a killer collection of products, now, fans just wait until they're shoppable. If I had to guess, these beauties will all sell out.