This Is How Much Kylie's Diary Costs

Kylie Jenner has done it again, and it doesn't look like she's slowing down any time soon. After giving every one of her fans a sneak peak of her Kylie Cosmetics Valentine's Day Collection release, she's finally giving the details that everyone wants to know: How much it all costs.

Luckily the queen of the Kylie Cosmetics empire has announced how much everything costs in this Valentine's Day bundle, including Kylie's Diary. The Diary palette includes nine brand new KyShadows to choose from and two blushes to complete the set.

This is the first time Jenner has released blushes and there's no doubt she'll be making more. One is a icy champagne titled First Date Blush and the other is a warm, vibrant pink named Virginity Blush. As for the eyeshadows, there's a range, from silver periwinkle and deep plum to bright pink and a shimmering gold. The color names included are Bae, Heart Breaker, Sweet Like Candy, Love Potion, Be Mine, Heart Eyes, Romance, and Love Me Not. So cute.

It's safe to say that this palette is completely love-themed, and I'm not mad about it. You can get Kylie's Diary for $54, and while that might seem like a steep price, know that with nine eyeshadow shades and two blushes, that's definitely something worth investing in.

Kylie's Diary includes exclusive eyeshadows for the Valentine's Day collection.

Get a closer look at everything included in the palette.

For those who are interested in everything else in the collection, the brand has shared the prices for everything else offered on Instagram as well.

Ready to start shopping? I know I am! The collection goes on sale on Feb. 2. at 3pm PT.