Lorac's I Love Brunch Palette Has More Than Shadow

by Kali Borovic

What do you get when you turn your favorite meal into a beauty collection? Apparently, the answer is gorgeous pastel eyeshadows. Lorac's I Love Brunch PRO Collection has everything from gorgeous lippies to unconventional highlighters, but the eyeshadow palette is what gives you the most bang for your buck. How much is Lorac's I Love Brunch PRO Palette, you ask? Considering how much you get, this purchase just got a whole lot more practical.

At first glance, the I Love Brunch Palette seems a little bit out-there. There are 16 shades and almost all of them are colorful. I'm talking periwinkle, sea foam green, and even a light yellow. So when you see the price tag of $44, you might want to turn and run in the opposite direction if you're a neutrals fan. But don't give up hope yet! The shades are more versatile than they look, and you don't just get a palette with this purchase.

According to the Ulta website, you get an eye primer and a doubled sided brush along with the palette. The brush isn't the typical mediocre tool you get with most palettes from other brands, either. You get a blender on one side and a shader on the other. When you break the price down, it turns out to be about $14 per item.

I Love Brunch PRO Palette, $44,

While you might not have your browns or blacks in the palette, you will get almost everything you need to complete an eye look. Although it's hard to tell from this photo, you get eight shimmer shades and eight mattes. The sparkle is pretty subtle though. All in all, I'd say that this is worth the cash, if you're willing to step out of your neutral comfort zone.

I Love Brunch PRO Palette, $44,

The packaging is just as good as the shades too. There's a giant mirror on the inside and the names are absolutely adorable. My personal favorites are the light green Avocado Toast, rosy-hued Sorbet, and the highlight color called Gluten Free. All of your brunch options are accounted for!

I Love Brunch PRO Palette, $44,

This palette is perfect for spring. If you looking to up your eyeshadow collection with a whole lot of color, then this is the palette for you. It's currently available on the Ulta Beauty website.