LORAC's New Collection Is A Brunch-Inspired Dream

While it may not quite be spring yet, that doesn't mean that beauty lovers can't embrace the upcoming season via their makeup choices. LORAC's Beauties Who Brunch collection is the perfect way to get your spring on before the season officially starts. From pastel-hued highlighters to a completely new eyeshadow palette, the collection is the one of the first indicators of warmer weather to come, and personally, I couldn't be more excited for its launch.

While no definite date has been announced for its launch, the collection is coming this February. Until the date, though, we'll all just have to bask in its pastel glory. The best thing about a new LORAC collection, though? You know that the products are going to be stellar.

The brand's holiday release of the Rosé & Revelry Collection was a stunning group of rose gold pieces perfect for the season. Then, there was the re-release of the brand's famous Mega-Pro 3 palette. The brand creates product after product that fans are crazy about. After all, the re-release of a previous product isn't exactly a standard practice.

With the upcoming launch of the LORAC Beauties Who Brunch collection, you can officially celebrate gorgeous cosmetics, the upcoming warmer weather, and everyone's favorite meal: brunch.

1. I Heart Brunch Eyeshadow Palette

Sara Tan

I Heart Brunch Eyeshadow Palette, $44, Ulta

Just look at those vibrant hues.

Sara Tan

Plus, it's filled to the brim with shadows.

Sara Tan

As an added bonus, it also comes with a primer and brush. (Side note: How amazing are the shadow names?!)

2. I Heart Brunch Alter Ego Lip Gloss & Lipstick

Sara Tan

I Heart Brunch Alter Ego Lip Gloss, $17, Ulta; I Heart Brunch Alter Ego Lipstick, $18, Ulta

The LORAC I Heart Brunch lip glosses will come in four different shades at $17 each. The shades will remain the same, but your formula choice is up to you. The choices are bomb. There's the peach pink of Barista that is a great sister to the true pink of Pastry Chef. In keeping with the pink theme, there's, of course, a nude pink in Foodie. Last but not least is the most dramatic shade: Brunch Queen is a stunning purple.

3. I Heart Brunch Color Source Buildable Blush & Light Source Highlighter

Sara Tan

I Heart Brunch Color Source Buildable Blush, $23, Ulta; Light Source Highlighter, $23, Ulta

The three shades of blush and highlight are a pastel dream. What would a brunch collection be without the gorgeous pink blush in Luma? If you're looking to glow will sipping your latte, the blue glow of the Limelight highlighter will do the trick. If you want something even more fun, the collection's purple highlight will be perfect.

If you want to shop LORAC's Beauties Who Brunch Collection, you'll have to wait until the end of February, but by that time, spring will be right around the corner right? You'll be able to rock these pastel pretties on a patio with a mimosa.