Makeup Inspired By Japanese Mochi Exists & It's Crazy Affordable

It was on the glorious Cyber Monday that NYX decided to drop a collection, taking to Instagram to debut their new products for one day only. Now, the colorful goodies are here to stay because NYX's Love You So Mochi collection is available online via the brand's website and Ulta Beauty.

NYX has been on quite the color kick lately. From their duochrome illuminating powders to the Cosmic Metals Lip Creams, there has been one rainbow, pastel, unicorn-esque launch after another. Now, their latest Japanese desert inspired collection is the newest set of bright eyeshadows and highlighting palettes to join the NYX beauty family. Introducing six glitzy illuminators and 24 beautiful eyeshadows total, the brand is giving fans plenty of reasons to hand their wallets over.

But considering NYX's fan-favorite products are always budget-friendly, the frozen treat themed collection won't cost you an arm and a leg. In fact, you could snag every single thing the Love You So Mochi launch has to offer and still keep your purchase under $80 — and that's saying a lot.

If you're not a total beauty junkie that craves it all, the shadows and highlighters are pretty cheap individually. Here's everything you can sink your claws into for a single Andrew Jackson.

For rainbow lovers, the Electric Pastels eyeshadow palette will make you drool, packed with shimmery spring hues that can give your beauty looks the ultimate pop of color.

Then there's the Sleek and Chic Palette, a blend of both matte and shimmery neutrals, for those who favor earth tones.

Retailing for $20 each, the Love You So Mochi palettes pack a pigmented punch for such an incredible price point. But their color payoff and affordable price tags aren't even their best selling points. Their formula just may be their best feature yet.

Their soft, pillowy formula was inspired by the marshmallow-like texture of Mochi. So, it's not just their hues that give off ice cream vibes. Yep, these gorgeous shades are bound to feel incredible to the touch and glide across the lids with ease.

When it comes to the trio of illuminators, the Lit Life Highlighting Palette is comprised of the warm golden tones that are always popular.

Quite the opposite, the Arcade Glam Highlighting Palette is full of icy, cool tones that are so winter-ready.

Expect to get duo chromatic shimmer from both of these beauties, selling for $19 each. They'll enhance your facade with a glossy-glow visible from all angles. Featuring the same lightweight, mochi-like texture as the eyeshadow palettes, these creamy feeling highlighters have a soft formula you're sure to love.

Honestly, the entire collection should have had you sold from the first mention of oh so yummy mochi. And if that wasn't enough, their low price points should have gotten your fingers itching.

But if all else fails, the palettes in action will likely do the trick. With top influencers like Nikita Dragun and Eleanor AKA Snitchery on the Love You So Mochi bandwagon, there is plenty of eye-catching beauty inspo putting the pigments to work. Obviously, they're Insta-approved, and in the beauty sphere that speaks volumes. So, look to NYX's website and Instagram, as well as the influencers' own social media to catch glimpses of the collection.

Amongst NYX's gang of pastel liquid liners, holographic illuminators, and rainbow glosses, the brightly bold mochi collection fits in perfectly. Yet another set of shadows and highlighters that are easy on the wallet, there's no reason not to give these goodies a try. Chances are you won't be disappointed.

When it comes to quality, budget-friendly brands like NYX, disappointment simply isn't a thing.