The Too Faced Sweet As A Peach Tote Is Adorbs

Courtesy of Too Faced

No cosmetics company does peach as well as Too Faced — its Sweet Peach Palette is ridiculously popular, and its new Sweet as a Peach Tote is pretty much a must-have for any serious Too Faced fan. If you've been steadily building your Too Faced peach collection, chances are you're running out of space in your usual makeup bag. I mean, between the Sweet Peach Eyeshadow Collection, the Sweet Peach Glow highlighting collection, the Papa Don't Peach blush and the dozen or so peach lipstick shades, you're bound to need more space in your bag — that's where the Sweet as a Peach tote comes in.

The new tote from Too Faced is an adorable ombre peach (duh) tote, and it's big enough to fit your entire peach makeup collection. The bag includes the adorable Sweet Peach emoji, a zipper closure and a pocket that's the perfect size for a cell phone so you can take it with you anywhere. So how much will this tote set you back? It rings in at $26. That's not too bad, and if your makeup collection is too big for a normal makeup bag, it could be time to upgrade to something a little bigger.

Courtesy of Too Faced

Too Faced Sweet as a Peach Tote, $26,

Isn't it cute? I'm loving that adorable green leaf.

Courtesy of Too Faced

The back naturally features the signature Too Faced logo. The top zips closed, which is a total plus. If you're a fan of Too Faced's peach collection, I say get your hand on this bag while it lasts.