How Much Money Is The Harry Potter Franchise Worth? This Video Does The Math

Warner Bros.

Every Potterhead knows that the Boy Who Lived inherited a large fortune upon his parents' death, but just how much money is Harry Potter worth as a franchise? Enough to make J.K. Rowling "the first female novelist billionaire," of course, but let's get an exact number.

A new video from Coinage adds up the revenue from J.K. Rowling's books, movies, and spin-off series to come up with a conservative estimate of 51,877,687.62 Galleons, 11 Sickles, and 12 Knuts. How much is Harry Potter worth in Muggle money? Roughly $25 billion, according to the Time, Inc. finance series.

Included in Coinage's numbers were sales of the seven books and eight movies in the main Harry Potter series, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and Wizarding World of Harry Potter parks admission — the cost of which I think we can all agree is too damn high. The video below also mentions the five upcoming Fantastic Beasts sequels, as well as a potential "seven-year TV deal," but it's unclear whether Coinage included these prospective revenue streams in its computations.

Check out Coinage's video below, and let's talk on Twitter about how much money you've spent to feed your Harry Potter addiction.