Patricia From ‘Southern Charm’ Just Revealed She Doesn’t Hate Kathryn Anymore… Um, WHAT?

Brianna Stello/Bravo

Southern Charm fans, you are in for a shock. Patricia Altschul isn't friends with Thomas Ravenel or his girlfriend, Ashley Jacobs, anymore. As surprising as that is, wait until you hear this: Kathryn Dennis now has Altschul's support. Those are words you probably never thought you'd hear, but the queen of Charleston, South Carolina has said so herself on Twitter.

On Thursday, the Bravo star explained why Ravenel and Jacobs are no longer in her life. In response to a post from Reality Blurb titled, "Southern Charm's Thomas Ravenel Calls Out Patricia Altschul For Blocking Him! Talks Girlfriend Ashley Jacobs' Fight With Kathryn Dennis," Altschul tweeted,

Why people ask? Because of his and Ashley’s smear campaign, character assasination, lies and purposeful defamation. It made me reassess everything Thomas said to me about @KathrynDennis who has clearly turned her life around while they are on a downward spiral

Yes. That is a real tweet from Altschul. Since pretty much the beginning of Southern Charm, she hasn't liked Dennis — and she's made it known. The two have constantly been at odds and Altschul has disagreed with Dennis, who she is, and what she's done for a long time. Even in Season 5, which is currently airing, Altschul wouldn't have a conversation with Naomie Olindo about Dennis.

As fans also know, Altschul has always been friends with Ravenel. She's repeatedly supported and defended him, while calling him out when necessary. Altschul also tried to help Jacobs become a more prominent person in Ravenel's life and even took her shopping. But, now, the Patricia's Couture designer has cut them out of her life.

On June 1, she tweeted, "And people wonder if we are still their allies......we blocked #AshleyJacobs and #ThomasRavenel from all social media and from our lives." Her tweet was in response to a Twitter user posting, "May anyone who believed #AshleyJacobs and #Thomasravenel's malicious lies about @pataltschul @KathrynDennis #Luzanneotte [a woman who says she used to date Ravenel] feel guilt and shame for making their plight even more difficult. It's very typical of bullies to preempt their victims by claiming victimhood. #stopbullying".

Altschul's tweets didn't stop there, either. On May 31, someone tweeted, "does anyone in America like Ashley??? Omg." To that, Altschul replied, "No."

Also on May 31, another fan tweeted, "I say we invite miss ASHLEY to be a guest on Watch What Happens Live.. Open those phone lines @Andy ... Let’s really WATCH WHAT HAPPENS LIVE". Altschul responded, "Fortunately she is not a cast member on #SouthernCharm".

Altschul also recently commented on Ravenel not attending the Southern Charm reunion for Season 5 amid sexual assault allegations and a police investigation against him. (Ravenel's lawyer previously commented on the first allegation and said his client is "committed to defending his reputation" [read his full statement here].) Bravo confirmed to People that Ravenel will not be there, but did not share any information about the reason why. "Now it's official......." Altschul tweeted in response on June 5.

According to Reality Blurb, Ravenel and Jacobs aren't fans of Altschul, either. In April, Ravenel reportedly took to Instagram (his post has since been deleted) and made the following jab at Altschul: "The queen of Southern gentility and the recent author on Southern etiquette has blocked me from Twitter and IG. Just FYI." Reality Blurb reported Jacobs wrote on her Instagram Story about Altschul: "The classy Grande Dame of Southern Charm is attacking me by retweeting nasty troll accounts. She doesn’t seem like the queen of gentility to me."

As for Dennis, she opened up about Altschul to People on May 24 and dished, "I think she's realizing, through other people saying to her, 'Kathryn's cool now,' that maybe she should give me a second chance. I don't really know." She added, "There's no, like, real relationship, but I think maybe the door's opened rather than closed." People asked why Altschul would be starting to accept her a little bit now, and Dennis said, "Maybe she's seeing a contrast between Ashley and I."

It's also important to note Dennis is friends with Whitney Sudler-Smith, Altschul's son, now, too, as she told People. So maybe the fact that Dennis and Sudler-Smith can get along (they also had previous altercations) has opened up Altschul's eyes.

Whether Altschul and Dennis are friends now or not, it's still a huge deal for Altschul to completely turn her back on Ravenel and start recognizing Dennis in a whole new light.