How Scorpio Season Will Affect You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

by Kaitlyn Wylde
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Beginning on Oct. 23 and lasting until Nov. 22, Scorpio season will rule the skies and our horoscopes alike. Like any astrological event, Scorpio season will affect everyone a little differently, and much of the way you personally react to its energy will depend on what your zodiac sign is.

Despite the fact that Scorpio energy gets a bad reputation for being a little bit dark and impulsive, it's actually a very adventurous and passionate and emotionally dynamic sign — and those are things we're all going to feel during this season.

Under the Scorpio influence, we'll all be inspired to live up to the bolder parts of our own personas. Just because Scorpios don't always talk about their feelings doesn't mean that they don't have them. On a whole, according to astrologers, we might all feel overwhelmed at times with feelings that appear too grand to express. This might make us turn inward, which will make the last astrological season before winter a good transitional period. Just as the weather encourages us to be introspective, the zodiac will, too.

Bustle spoke with astrologer Valerie Mesa about what she predicts each sign can expect to experience during the Scorpio season:


"Professional relationships, along with your general sense of authority, will be tested this season," Mesa tells Bustle. So try to remember your place at work and stand up for yourself when you need to, but always do so with respect and grace.



According to Mesa, "this season will revolve around setting the necessary boundaries in order to experience the freedom you've been craving." Thought the word "boundary" might sound restrictive, knowing what you stand is actually incredibly liberating.


During this season, Mesa predicts that your health routine and due diligence will be a priority. So be mindful of your well being, both physically and spiritually.



According to Mesa, Scorpio season is a time for romance and passion projects, as "crabs are stepping up to the plate, both professionally and personally." So lean into the projects and relationships your inspired to put energy into and your results will be fruitful.


Get ready to spend some time on the couch, saying 'no' to social plans and catching up with yourself instead: "This is Leo's nesting season; it's a time for looking inward and creating a healthy work vs. life balance," Mesa tells Bustle.



"Virgos should read between the lines before signing important contracts, as their planetary ruler stations retrograde on Halloween," Mesa warns, referring to Mercury retrograde beginning on Oct. 31. If you can avoid signing binding contracts during this time, do — but if you must sign anything, be very diligent.


"You get what you give," will be Libra's mantra this season, according to Mesa. "Libras are recognizing whether or not they're being compensated and valued during this time," so if anything is out of balance, it's going to really stand out and inspire you to take action.



"Reclaim your power; Scorpios are speaking their truth, and shedding their snake skin," Mesa tells Bustle. This is going to be the most powerful month of the year for Scorpios, so it's important to remember the effect your actions can have on others and to be economic with that power.


"Recharge your batteries before your solar return; Sagittarius is feeling introspective and staying low key this season," Mesa tells Bustle. Next month is your birthday month, so you're going to feel like saving your energy, and you should.



If you've been feeling disconnected to your co-workers, you'll find some relief this month as Mesa predicts that this season will be "all about networking and collaborating; Capricorns are finally finding their tribe."


"Hard work certainly pays off; water bearers are deeply focused on their professional life but it's important to keep an open mind this season," Mesa tells Bustle. Instead of falling into old patterns in your personal life, challenge yourself to be more accepting and more liberal with what you keep close.



"Short trips, life-changing experiences and travel; Pisces is taking a leap of faith this season, but they need to make sure to double and triple check their travel itinerary during Mercury retrograde," Mesa warns Bustle. Though Pisces might be having a really fun Scorpio season, they might experience a serious complication with their plans if they're not extra diligent with their planning and flexible with their expectations.