How Summer Affects Your Sex Life, According To Science


Sex is different in every season. While winter sex is often under-the-covers action followed by post-coital hot cocoa, having sex in the summer is often sweatier, sandier, R-rated fun in the great outdoors. Regardless of whether you're down with the warmer months or not, though, there's no denying that a confluence of rising temps, vacation time, and seeing folks at the beach or in the streets less-than-covered up is inspiration to go out and get some.

Ever since the days of Sandy and Danny's summer lovin' in Grease, June-August romance has been a thing. (OK maybe a little longer than that, but you get the picture.) There are songs about it (Beyonce's "Summertime"; Gaga's "Summer Boy"; DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince's "Summertime") on top of cautionary tales about the season (Lana Del Ray's "Summertime Sadness"). The bottom line? Sex in the summer is extra spellbinding, and as Franki Valli & The Four Seasons warn in "See You In September," you should "have a good time, but remember, there is danger in the summer moon above" — and by danger, he really means a plethora of hotties just waiting to charm you or be charmed into your blanket/hammock/beach towel.

So why all the fuss about summer sex? Here are five unique stats about doing it in June, July, and August:


Americans Have An Early Summer Sexual Peak

According to data collected by researchers at Villanova University, Americans are at their randiest in the early summer (as well as in December and January). Apparently, we're more likely to be Googling hookups and hot dates during these months, which suggests there's something about extreme weather that really turns us on.


Sunshine Makes Us Hot And Bothered

While things might get steamy in winter because we're cooped up inside, it's a totally different story in summer. That extra helping of sunshine that beams down during the season of heat actually decreases melatonin levels, which otherwise tend to put a damper on your sex hormones. So yes, feeling physically hot in the sun literally inspires people to feel hot below-the-belt.


Summer Is Unofficially Cheating Season

Cheating can happen anytime of year and for a variety of reasons, but there is an increase in the summer months. Multiple relationship experts attest that because summer remains associated with adventures and vacations, some folks take this chance to go buck wild and break the commitments they've made in their relationships.


Yeast Infections Are More Common In Summer

Yeast infections don't care what time of year it is, but add a propensity for hanging around in a damp bathing suit or getting extra sweaty every day definitely ups your chances of getting one — not to mention including summer sex on top of it! To keep your bits in check, it's best to take some extra precautionary measures for your vagina between June and August.


STI Cases Rise In Late Summer

It's no big surprise that with an increase in sexual activity come summer, an increase of sexually transmitted infections isn't far behind. Research since the 1970s has shown that late summer and early fall are peak times for most STI diagnoses. It should go without saying, but when you're getting hot and heavy, be sure to get tested and practice safe sex while you're at it.

Now get out there and enjoy your summer sex.

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