Here's Why The July New Moon Will Make You Feel A Little Sensitive About Your Love Life

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Love is in the air — or, more literally the night sky — when the new moon on Jul. 2 moves into Cancer. With the new moon in this sensitive and emotional sign, how you love will be in the spotlight of this dark moon. How you love your partners, friends, but perhaps most importantly: yourself. Love is much more than romance. Knowing how the July 2019 new moon will affect your love life, based on your zodiac sign, will empower you to get to know yourself, or your loved ones, a little deeper. You might declare true feelings over a candlelit dinner or light candles for a much deserved and long overdue bubblebath for one.

The new moon-solar eclipse combination makes for an intense astrological event. With it all happening under Cancer's reign, emotions are going to be energetically significant. You could feel compelled to gush over your crush or upgrade your self-care routine to better nurture your self-love habit. And, because this is an eclipse, things may end. Don't panic. Eclipses guide us to what's better for us. If a relationship isn't bound for the altar, or is simply failing to fulfill you, this eclipse may start to see it fizzle. Do not resist the end.

The new moon is classically a time for new beginnings. Look out for them in unexpected places. July's new moon will invite change, ridding your love life of the people or habits that hold you back for that great, big love you're worthy of. And maybe, under this new moon, you'll realize how worthy you actually are. How about that for some intense summer loving?


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The new moon is going to be ~emotional~ and you might be feeling more fiery than usual. The new moon isn't the only celestial body at play. On Jul. 1 Mars blasts into Leo, which can make you feel saucy and flirtatious. But Venus, on Jul. 3, zooms into Cancer where it joins the new moon to make for a particularly emotional transit. "This can help balance out your intensity when you get a little too fiery for folks to handle. Lean in to the empathy and softness of this transit but be aware that you might also be a bit extra-sensitive now," AstroStyle wrote.


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With the solar eclipse largely illuminating communication, you could be harping heavily on how to express yourself. The affects from a solar eclipse aren't felt in a single night before dissipating. They're substantial and their themes can be experienced for up to sixth months after. "Between July 1 and August 18, you may feel at times like you’re walking a line between expressing your true feelings and holding back out of fear of overwhelming someone. If things are on solid ground, you might initiate talks about exchanging keys, moving in together or meeting each other’s family," AstroStyle suggested. This new moon could encourage you to find the right words.


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Not exactly known for settling down, Cancer's emotional presence in the month of July could have you re-thinking your approach to love. Change is in the air from eclipses to Venus moving from your sign to Cancer. "A change in your love life rarely flusters you, but Venus in tender Cancer asks you to try something difficult for a Gemini: That is, to stay put. Could your summer fling actually have long-term potential," Sophie Saint Thomas wrote for Allure.


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Well if this isn't your time to shine, Cancer. "Venus makes her entrance in the afterglow of the empowering Cancer total solar eclipse (July 2), preparing you to become visible, take a chance and explore some wilder options in the name of love," AstroStyle wrote. And do what you do best before heading out for those "wilder options." Stay home and pamper yourself to feel go from the inside out.


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If your heart has been craving an anchor, this new moon solar eclipse combined with Venus' move into Cancer on Jul. 3 could usher that right in. Upon the new moon you'll be "ready to start something up that prioritizes your emotional and domestic security," explained. "With love planet Venus moving into Cancer the very next day, there is certainly a love connection to your domestic one." If you're coupled up, you might be arranging a date to meet the parents.

If you're single, make time for yourself. Create a nook in your home that's warm and totally for you. Make sure you're loving hard on yourself because when you set that self-love foundation for yourself, you'll never crumble.


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This new moon is attracting new collaborations and friendships — personally and professionally. There's power in opening up and letting people in. But being vulnerable, when you're used to being the sole person in charge, may not feel totally natural. It's important to let yourself go sometimes. Express your true feelings about something you need to get off your chest — but, take it slow and be kind to yourself. Read up on Brene Brown for support and serious "a-ha" moments surrounding vulnerability.


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Eclipses escort change into our lives and ask us to tune into what we really want. With the new moon and Venus in Cancer, you could be on the fence about where you stand romantically. "While part of you wants to run free, another is swooning over talks of commitment and long-range plans," AstroStyle wrote. Take a time out, a breather to figure out what it is that you actually want from a relationship.


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According to, "there is a lot of real magic about [Jul. 2]." If you're attached and have recently experienced a rough patch, this new moon solar eclipse could present the perfect time to start fresh. Gushing your feelings and making amends will set you on the right path. Keep it light, find adventure (or let adventure find you) and don't forget to laugh through it all.


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Feeling sparks, Sagittarius? The new moon in Cancer is lighting up your chances for intimacy. A new, exciting person might unexpectedly waltz into your life or you and a long time love could make things not just Facebook official but official official. Eclipses do away with systems and habits that are detrimental. When it comes to the first July 2019 eclipse, you can have whatever you'd like. "Your mojo is revving so high, it’s palpable! Use this passionate power surge to merge on a more soulful level or, if you’re single, send out the perfect frequency for attracting your ideal mate. Accept no substitutes," AstroStyle advised.


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Partnerships are highlighted during this new moon. If you thought you'd go at this alone, think again. The planets have other plans around Jul. 2. And it could appear out of the blue. "Someone could show up near this date — or in the coming six months—who adds such an inspired new dimension that you can't imagine attempting your grand plans without them," AstroStyle wrote. Be open to sharing.


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If someone your heart is pining for has been occupying your mind, the Jul. 2 new moon might help reveal information about them. And that could help figuring out your next step. "The current astral configuration brings with it a golden opportunity to find out more about someone special. It could be that while out at a party or other social gathering, you get a chance to consult someone who is skilled in the art of divination, and as luck would have it, you already have your questions at hand," according to


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Sensitivity is in the stars, Pisces. But that goes naturally with your flow. "Sharing your feelings with someone you’re interested in is scary, but it’s a good first step to building a solid foundation," advised. If it's time to be honest with your feelings for someone, Cancer's emotional nature can support you as you ease into important conversations. Just always remember to be gentle with yourself and never forget your worth. (It's never measured by another's idea of you.)