How To Bond With Your Partner During Quarantine, Based On Their Sign

by Kristine Fellizar

If you're longing for those pre-quarantine days, where your busy schedule meant that you actually looked forward to spending time with your partner — don't worry. You'll get there eventually. But, for now, don't let all this time you're spending together go to waste and instead allow astrology to guide you. If you have no clue where to start and you need some ideas, there are things you can do to bond with your partner while quarantining together, based on their zodiac sign.

There's no doubt it: Being stuck inside with someone 24/7 isn't easy. When being around your partner is getting on your last nerve, and it's hard to take space in the small one-bedroom apartment you share, things can get rough. It's probably why a lot of relationship advice you'll see right now centers around how to survive being in quarantine with your partner.

But why just "survive" a lockdown with your significant other when you can thrive? Bustle asked astrologer Mary Cole about how you can strengthen the relationship with your partner while social distancing. From taking online workout classes together to having weekly game nights, here's what you can do to bond with your partner during quarantine, based on their zodiac sign.

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Aries (March 21 — April 19)

Chances are, this energetic Fire sign is probably having a hard time staying inside during quarantine because they typically like being on the move. According to Cole, they want to go out, live, and be active. That's why a virtual workout class is the best way to bond with your Aries partner. "Allow your partner to let out some of that energy and stress while having some fun with you," Cole says. It will also cater to their need for self-improvement.

Taurus (April 20 — May 20)

Earthy Taurus is all about relaxation, decadence, and doing things at a slow pace. Quarantine is probably a nice excuse for them to be completely chill. One way to bond with your Taurus is to enhance that state of relaxation by doing an at-home spa day. "You two can throw on some face masks, take a relaxing bath, exchange messages, and top it off with a glass of wine," Cole says. "Your Taurus partner will be in their element with you, loving every minute of it."

Gemini (May 21 — June 20)

Geminis need stimulation, open-ended situations, and a way to express the many sides of their personalities. According to Cole, breaking out the canvas and some paints is a great way for this imaginative Air sign to break the confines of quarantine. Geminis happen to be very artistic and will feel right at home doing some art projects with you.

Cancer (June 21 — July 22)

Sensitive, sweet, and emotional, Cancer just wants to feel close to you while you're quarantined together. They're all about home and family, so they're happy just being at home with you. According to Cole, they're deep, personal, and love to be held in their partner's arms. "A cute romantic comedy, some popcorn, and cuddles will be a great way to bond and make your Cancer feel good during the quarantine," she says.

Leo (July 23 — August 22)

Just because you can't eat out at your favorite restaurant, doesn't mean that dressing up for dinner has to stop. Planning a fancy date night at home will give your Leo partner a chance to get all dressed up, something this flashy Fire sign loves to do. If you want to take it a step further and wait on them a bit, they'll feel like the center of attention, which they're all about. According to Cole, this could be as simple as cooking the meal or pouring them the glass of wine. Just try to make it feel as "restaurant-y" as possible.

Virgo (August 23 — September 22)

Virgo is intelligent, practical, and known for being a perfectionist at times. "They need to feel like they're making the best use of their time during the quarantine, and working to improve their lives is something that actually makes them feel relaxed," Cole says. So, the best way to bond with them is to pick a home improvement project you can do together. It can be as big as painting a wall or as small as doing some spring cleaning. According to Cole, "This project will make a Virgo feel useful, stimulated, and love you for agreeing to help."

Libra (September 23 — October 22)

As the "kings and queens of balance and harmony," Cole says Libras love to mediate. With all the chaos and imbalance in the world right now, your Libra partner would appreciate you joining in on some meditation. Showing them that you value balance as well is a nice way to feel close to them, and it'll also make them feel good about you. You can go on YouTube or download a meditation app and find guided couples meditations you can try together.

Scorpio (October 23 — November 21)

Scorpio is one of the signs that values sex and sexuality the most. According to Cole, Scorpios are passionate Water signs with incredible stamina, and sensual experience for them is almost always a bonding experience. So, trying something new in bed with your Scorpio is a great way to get closer to them. Don't be afraid to bring up your wildest fantasies either because Scorpio is willing to explore anything. "Their passionate love-making skills will make it well worth the investment!" Cole says.

Sagittarius (November 22 — December 21)

As the zodiac sign that's known for being the great adventurer and lover of the outdoors, your Sagittarius partner is probably losing it right about now in quarantine. According to Cole, planning a picnic or even setting up a little tanning area outside can help them out tremendously. If you happen to have a balcony, apartment roof, or a backyard, you can use any of these spaces to make your Sagittarius partner feel a little bit better. When they're in good spirits, they'll know how to keep you laughing. So you'll also bond over your shared sense of humor.

Capricorn (December 22 — January 19)

Capricorns are hardworking, competitive, and love to earn their wins. "Embrace these qualities of your Capricorn partner by putting the energy into something fun, like a trivia game or a two-person board game," Cole says. "Don't let your Capricorn partner win the game. Give it your all — they love a challenge." You can even find a new online game they might like, and you can cheer them on as they play. Try setting up a Zoom game night with other couples that you know, so you're strengthening your bond by playing on the same team.

Aquarius (January 20 — February 18)

Your Aquarius partner is probably feeling a little down because they might be focusing too much energy on the news. According to Cole, their true humanitarians at heart and can't help themselves. Plus, they're also used to enjoying their share of alone time, so this whole situation isn't ideal for them. But you can bond with your Aquarius by distracting them with a docuseries you can watch together. "Not only will it take their mind off the pandemic, but it will also allow them to talk to you about the issues in the docuseries, get cozy, and enjoy your company while watching something they care about," Cole says.

Pisces (February 19 - March 20)

Romantic indoor forts are all the rage on social media right now, and if you're with a Pisces, it's definitely something you should try. According to Cole, Pisces is a hopelessly romantic, dreamy, fantasizer. "Turning your home into an otherworldly adventure is going to put them into that romantic space," she says. They'll get a huge kick out of it and appreciate you for coming up with the idea. Plus, it's super easy. All you really need are pillows, sheets, and lights, and you're good to go.


Mary Cole, astrologer