Women's History Month FB Profile Pic Ideas
by Lily Feinn
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March is Women’s History Month, and in the days leading up to events such as the "Day Without A Woman" strike and International Women’s Day on March 8, there has never been a better time participate in a little social media activism. If you are curious as to how to change your Facebook profile picture for Women's History Month, there are plenty of options for how to use the highly visible social platform to honor the many kickass women who have changed history. At this time, Facebook does not have a specified profile frame devoted to the special month — but that will not stop us from marking the occasion in a big way and using every tool available to empower people all over the world.

Although the roots of this month-long observation celebrating the pivotal role women have played in the shaping of the United States goes back more than 100 years, Women's History Month as we know it today was officially designated by Congress in 1987. The honorary month started as an educational initiative to shed light on the relatively unknown and unsung female heroes that paved the way for future generations; 30 years later, however, the difficult fact is that women are still not equal. Despite legal protections, the gender pay gap is an upsetting reality, women's bodies are still being policed by (mostly male) lawmakers and legislation, and we struggle to have our voices heard in the government, the workplace, and even at home.

Changing your Facebook profile image will not fix these issues, but it can still send a powerful message to friends and followers. If you need to brush up on the general instructions for how to sub in a new picture for your profile, first, hover your cursor over the main image. Click the “Update Profile Image” option and upload and edit your new picture; then go ahead and post! Empower just one Facebook friend this month, and the photo swap will have been worth the time.

Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Also, check out the “Feminism” stream in the Bustle App throughout the month of March for more inspiring ways to celebrate Women's History Month.


Use A Public Domain Image Of A Woman From History That More People Should Know About

Do you have a favorite historic figure who has flown under the radar for far too long? March is the perfect time to educate your fellow social media users by changing your profile photo to her image. Simply go to a public domain image resource such as Wikimedia Commons, type the name of your unsung hero into the search bar, and download your preferred image. (Make sure you check the copyright status for each specific image first, though.) For maximum impact, change your profile picture across all of the platforms you use, including Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. Then people will just have to ask you who you’re repping and why.


Change Your Picture To One Of The 2017 Women's History Month Honorees

This year’s National Women’s History month honors women pioneers in labor and business, including equal pay activists, community and labor organizers, and union leaders. Each one shaped women’s role in the world for business, and helped earn the rights to equal pay (even though that's one we're still fighting for) and safe working conditions. They fought to make the workplace a less hostile environment for women, and we enjoy the benefits every day. Pick an honoree who’s story speaks to you, and replace your profile picture with one of these 13 trailblazing women.


Post A Picture Of A Woman From Your Personal History

This month gives us a chance to honor the women who came before, and you can send a powerful message by paying tribute to the women who gave you life. Grab a picture of your mom, grandmother, or great grandmother (with their permission, of course) to show that throughout the generations the women’s movement lives on. As Gloria Steinem said, “Women may be the one group that grows more radical with age.”


Post One Of Your Favorite Empowering Quotes

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You don’t have to be a wizard with Photoshop to turn an empowering quote about feminism into a profile pic-worthy image. There are plenty of easy-to-use (and free!) apps out there like InstaQuote, PicLab, and more that can transform inspirational words into an even more inspirational picture. Send out good vibes or some fighting words to your fellow ladies this month — the hardest part will be choosing your favorite quote about empowerment.


Post A Photo Of What Activism Looks Like

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From the suffragettes to this year’s massive Women’s March, Women’s History Month reminds us that when we join together, we are a powerful collective force for change. The fight for freedom and equality continues, but we must not lose heart or allow ourselves to be silenced. Whether you choose to participate in the upcoming “A Day Without A Woman” strike or one of the many other rallies and events occurring throughout the month, changing your profile pic in honor of feminist activists and agitators can help empower others to do the same.


Create Your Own Facebook Frame

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Facebook is still in testing for a Camera Effects Platform where any user can submit their own frame, but for the time being we have to make due with what’s available. If you wish to make your own frame, head on over to another another site such as Snapchat. Take a selfie and edit the photo to add text and filters, then save the pic and post it to Facebook. Voila!