5 Steps To Cleansing & Charging Your Crystals In Time For August's Full Moon

by Aoife Hanna
Assortment of healing crystals, like selenite, blue kyanite, red jasper, unakite, and sodalite! Macr...

Owning and utilising crystals is a great way to harness all of the universe's energy. To serve you well and get your life feeling positive AF. But did you know that you have to maintain your crystals? Not only maintain them but cleanse them and charge them up? Well, me neither until just recently. So after learning that the best time to get them in tip top shape is when the moon is full, I reached out to crystal expert Emma Lucy Knowles to ask how to cleanse & charge crystals for August 2019's full moon.

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Knowles is the author of The Power Of Crystal Healing, which is an amazing guide on how to "change your energy and live a high-vibe life." I know right? Where do I sign up?!

According to Knowles, you should definitely be getting your little crystal buddies ready for the full moon. She explains:

"Just as we become 'full' be it energetically, emotionally so do our dear crystal pals. Full moon is a great time to cleanse your crystals as the moon governs the water on earth and as were of the earth the emotional bodies of ourselves and, yep you got it, our crystals...We use moon energy to draw out all that we've given over to the crystal, it's like a mini spa break for it to recharge, replenish, realign and then reconnect with us."

So here is your to do list to make sure you utilise that big old beautiful ball in the sky to the fullest.

1. Soak your crystals in cold water

First up, your should soak your crystals in cold water, Knowles suggests. But it's important to be prepared in terms of quantity. As Knowles explains: "If you've a tonne of crystals fill the bath tub up and lay them all in to soak time is not really a factor nothing too long or short, just what feels right — it's much like when we're having a shower, washing our hair to remove the dirt of the day. This is how we prep our gang."

However, Knowles adds that that some crystals are soluble — such as selenite and celestite — so shouldn't be put in water. As an alternative, you can lay these pieces on lavender kernels or just on the ground instead of showering them.

The next step is especially important to suck in that moon energy.

2. Place them on the window sill or in the garden

According to Knowles, you should lay your crystals in the moonlight in a circle or in a line. But, really, it's whatever feels right to you. "Working with crystals is as much about developing your intuitive skills as it is working with them in healing," Knowles says.

Knowles also explains that you have to "give them space from one another to breathe. Much like siblings or friends as much as they love each other they need a little space of their own now and then."

3. Over to the moon

Knowles says it's important to remember that the moon beams day and night, so this isn't just something to be done the night of the full moon.

"I would advise leaving them in situ across the three days of its fullness," she says. "This is when it’s at its most powerfulIt's presence is felt it draws the emotion from the very bones of us and the crystals but then draws back an incredible renewing refreshing and empowering energy you can't but in any store."

4. Reconnect with your intentions & charge them

Knowles explains that the period "when the full moon phase starts to wain," is the best time to "reconnect" with your crystals. "Literally hold [them] in hand or talk out loud or in [your] mind to them," she says. "And ask for what you will for from them now. Be it protection, confidence, abundance."

5. Remember that certain crystals have extra power this August full moon

This month is an amazing time for emotional development, Knowles explains, stating: "Currently the moon is drawing out some old emotional responses and reflexes allowing us to heal ready for a plethora of new beginnings in our old ways of living."

Some crystals hold more power than others during this lunar cycle. "Kyanite is a powerhouse crystal for this time to ground down any internal and external negative chatter or feels," Knowles tells me. "Citrine to pull back the lions roar to the belly of our being Selenite to connect with all that’s great of usTourmaline and rose quartz to lovingly ground that all back down in to being who you really are."

So guys, harness that moon. Harness those crystals. Live your best life and join the good vibe tribe.