How To Do A 'Friends' Thanksgiving Episode Mini-Marathon This Holiday
by Amy Roberts

When it comes to the holidays, there's only one way to watch all of the Friends Thanksgiving episodes. And that's while wearing Joey-style elasticated pants and eating colossal Joey-volumes of leftovers. Clocking in at just under five hours worth of pure joy, the 10 episodes of Friends that saw the gang celebrating Thanksgiving (with varying degrees of success) are the perfect thing to watch while you kick back and relax. Most importantly, though, they also make for perfect viewing as a TV accompaniment to the mountain of leftovers that you'll hopefully be working your way through over the holidays.

Starting from the Friends Thanksgiving episode of Season 1, and ending with the final ever special of the 10th season, these episodes can actually provide some stupendous inspiration when it comes to leftovers. Each episode can basically act as a divine guide as to what snacks you should be eating while you relive some of the show's finest moments. And seriously, guys, this is the only way to do a Friends Thanksgiving episode mini-marathon this season. By starting from the beginning, heaping up your plate, and going back for more with each and every episode.

With that in mind, catch yourself up on exactly what happens in each episode with the guide below (so that you can also prioritize your viewing should you happen to need a well deserved nap at some point during it). But, most importantly, find out exactly what leftovers will perfectly compliment your viewing of the episode...

Season 1: 'The One Where Underdog Gets Away'

What Happens: The gang get locked out of the apartment while watching the Thanksgiving parade, dinner gets ruined, and Rachel misses a flight to spend the holiday with her family. Oh, and Joey gets banned from his family Thanksgiving meal after he unwittingly becomes the face of venereal disease. The episode is legit as hilarious as it is genuinely heartwarming.

Leftovers To Enjoy With It: Grilled cheese, a bowl of Funyuns, and wine, of course (in solidarity to the Friends gang.)

Season 2: 'The One With The List'

What Happens: Ross manages to mess up the sweet thing he has going with Rachel (they enjoyed that amazing Central Park smooch in the previous episode, don't forget) by making a pros and cons list about her and his other crush. Obviously, Rachel ends up reading it because Ross has absolutely zero chill, and she locks him out of the apartment. It's the saddest Thanksgiving ever.

Leftovers To Enjoy With It: Because you likely don't have any mockolate chip pies around (and thank goodness for that), treat yourself to a slice of whatever leftover pie you do happen to have nearby.

Season 3: 'The One With The Football'

What Happens: The gang enjoy a women vs. men football match 12 years after Ross and Monica's "Gellar Bowl" was officially banned by their parents. Highly competitive hi-jinx ensue before everyone settles down to a colossal Thanksgiving meal.

Leftovers To Enjoy With It: Mashed potato eaten out of an enormous bowl with a gigantic spoon, Chandler style.

Season 4: 'The One With Chandler In A Box'

What Happens: Joey locks Chandler in a box as penance for kissing his girlfriend, Kathy. Meanwhile, Monica kisses Richard's son (played by the eternally dreamy Michael Vartan of Alias and Never Been Kissed fame) and it's super weird. Like, really weird. Especially when he tells her that she reminds him of his mom. Nope.

Leftovers To Enjoy With It: This episode is complicated, you guys. Keep it simple with a turkey sandwich.

Season 5: 'The One With All The Thanksgivings'

What Happens: A full-on flashback to 1987, complete with Flock Of Seagulls hairstyles and Miami Vice style suits. The episode also has the best ending of all of the Friends Thanksgiving specials, with Chandler telling Monica that he loves her while she's wearing a turkey, fez, and sunglasses on her head. It's a comedic masterpiece, folks.

Leftovers To Enjoy With It: If shoving a half-eaten turkey carcass on your head doesn't sound too palatable (and fair enough) then keep it simple with a Hershey bar. Especially if, like Joey did in the episode, you still find yourself feeling unsatisfied no matter how much food you eat.

Season 6: 'The One Where Ross Got High'

What Happens: Ross and Monica competitively reveal each other's most mortifying secrets to their parents. But most importantly, Rachel creates the grossest Thanksgiving dish ever when she confuses the recipe for traditional English trifle, with one for shepherd's pie.

Leftovers To Enjoy With It: Come on, do you even need to ask? You should totally make Rachel's disgusting Thanksgiving trifle for yourself, and then dare your entire family to eat it with you.

Season 7: 'The One Where Chandler Doesn't Like Dogs'

What Happens: Chandler reveals that he hates dogs but is then tasked with having to put up with a dog that Phoebe is looking after. Rachel finally gets together with her assistant, Tag. And that's kind of it.

Leftovers To Enjoy With It: Look, this isn't one of the best Friends Thanksgiving offerings, by a long shot. So do yourself a favor and pour yourself a tall drink for this one. With another turkey sandwich. Because why not.

Season 8: 'The One With The Rumor'

What Happens: Um, only a certain dreamboat by the name of Brad Pitt turns up, guys. There's a whole plotline to the thing involving him playing a character who started an "I Hate Rachel Green" club with Ross, but all you really need to know is that Pitt is in this episode. And yes, he looks great.

Leftovers To Enjoy With It: Reheated pecan pie. Because you should definitely be enjoying something as hot, sweet, and delicious as Pitt is while you watch this episode.

Season 9: 'The One With Rachel's Other Sister'

What Happens: Friends' run of amazing cameo stars continues with Christina Applegate starring as Rachel's extremely difficult, shallow sister. She's a nightmare. But then, so is Monica's obsession for warning everyone about using her wedding china to eat off.

Leftovers To Enjoy With It: Pile up as many leftover food items as you can, buffet style, and eat if off the fine china. Do not share any of it with your siblings.

Season 10: 'The One With The Late Thanksgiving'

What Happens: Monica gets tired of hosting everything, but Phoebe convinces her to still host Thanksgiving dinner. Joey and Ross then turn up 45 minutes late for dinner and Chandler understandably refuses to let them in. Through sheer will power they manage to barge in, though, and the episode ends on the gleeful note of Monica and Chandler discovering that there's a birth Mom interested in letting them adopt her child. Group hug...

Leftovers To Enjoy With It: Because Phoebe and Rachel forgot to pick the damn thing up in the episode, eat a slice of chocolate (or any flavor) pie.

That's a lot food and a whole lot of Friends episodes to consume in one go, people. But you got this. Be the champion of your very own Gellar Bowl (except you're competing for food and TV episodes. With yourself.)