The #FirstPhotoChallenge On Instagram Is Perfect For Sentimental Couples

by Syeda Khaula Saad
How To Do The 'First Photo Challenge' On Instagram
swissmediavision/E+/Getty Images

With practicing social distancing comes not much to do and a whole lot more time on our hands, inspiring many different online challenges. From more complex ones like the #DontRush Challenge to simpler posts like Social Distancing Bingo, there are plenty of online challenges meant to entertain people and help them share a bit of their lives with their followers. And adding to this list is the recent Instagram's First Photo Challenge.

If you're in a relationship with someone, the First Photo Challenge is something that'll probably be both fun and endearing for you to take part in. It's super easy — you just post the first photo of you and your significant other and then tag other people who are in relationships so they can do the same. Just remember to post the photo on your Story (or even as a post), tag your significant other, and use the hashtag #FirstPhotoChallenge. You get to take a cute trip down memory lane as you search for you and your sweetheart's first photo and get to share that memory with your friends and followers.

Whether you're long-term, live-in partners, engaged, or married, it can be enjoyable for the both of you to see how far you've come. Maybe you two have grown out of awful haircuts. Maybe your first picture together was at prom and one of you had braces. Maybe you look nothing like you did five years ago. The fun in the challenge is to show yourselves (and your followers) that you two have been through it all together.

If you're in a long-term relationship with a partner that you don't live with and have had to quarantine separately from them, this period of social distancing could be taking a toll on the relationship. Little things like taking part in the First Photo Challenge are cute ways to demonstrate to your partner that you're thinking of them, miss them, and are excited to see them again.

The First Photo Challenge is super interactive and helps you spread the love to other couples who may also be feeling stressed because of the coronavirus pandemic. By tagging your other couple friends, you're giving them the chance to showcase their relationship, too. Before you know it, your entire Instagram feed will be filled with wacky first photos of couples.

And if you're not in a relationship, you don't have to stop yourself from participating in the First Photo Challenge. If you have a best friend, sibling, or even a pet, you can go ahead and still take part in the challenge. Find your first photo together, post it on the 'Gram, and join in on spreading the love.