How To Do The #PillowChallenge, Because Even Halle Berry Is Getting Involved

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Is it just me or are there more challenges on Instagram than you can keep up with right now? That's not to say I'm not down for them though; many have been organised to raise money for great causes, or just to distract us and inject a little bit of fun into our lives. The latest is a fun fashion one that I've been lolling over during my Instagram scrolls; but what is the pillow challenge and how can you give it a go?

If you've already ran your 5k for the NHS, given the teapot your best try, and whipped up a Dalgona coffee then it's time to get involved with this new challenge. Here's how.

TBH, the pillow challenge is pretty damn simple, and is perhaps the easiest one to get involved with on social media currently. It simply involves taking a pillow from your bedroom, and attaching it to yourself with a belt to make it look as though you're wearing it.

The hilarious, slightly wacky, idea started amongst fashion bloggers, who amazingly managed to pull together a pillow outfit and still look chic (oh, to be that cool...). And I predict the challenge will be sweeping through celebs-ville in no time, particularly as Halle Berry has just become one of the first high profile A-listers to share her own pillow pic.

The star posted an image of her rocking a black pillow case yesterday, alongside the caption, 'You already KNOW you couldn’t keep me from the #PillowChallenge,' finished off with a laughing emoji. While I'm hardly surprised, I sort of can't believe how major Berry looks in her creative ensemble; it literally looks like a Friday night LBD, complete with stiletto heels and a chic black hat.

The hashtag #PillowChallenge now has over 200,000 posts, and it's not just fashion bloggers who are getting involved.

Whether you want to give it a go and have your pillow outfit look chic or totally hilarious, this is a fun Insta challenge that'll brighten up your followers' lockdown days. In other words: give it a go!

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