How To Donate On Giving Tuesday Through Tinder's "I'm Available" Campaign

Recognized as the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, Giving Tuesday is a day of, well, giving that encourages you to help others in any way you can. Whether you use it as an opportunity to donate the clothes you no longer wear or to volunteer at a shelter, any form of giving back is an amazing way to pitch in. This year, Tinder is pitching in for Giving Tuesday by launching its #ImAvailable campaign. Partnering with, Tinder will donate $100 to the global good site for each post that includes #ImAvailable and tags Tinder, across all social networks. The dating app has pledged to make up to a $200,000 donation. You can head here to access a pre-made message Tinder created for you to share on social media or make your own.

This isn't the first time Tinder has used social media to help people give back. On International Women's Day, Tinder stood up for women's rights teaming with for the #FundHerCause campaign. Anyone who tweeted at Tinder with a cause they cared about and the #FundHerCause hashtag was messaged a code to donate $100 to one of 12 causes. In that instance, Tinder allowed donations to continue until hitting the remarkable $250,000.

"At Tinder we are committed to giving back to our users and the community we’ve built over the last five years," Tinder’s VP and Head of Marketing and Communications, Rosette Pambakian, tells Bustle. "...Giving Tuesday is a time where we want our users to give back, not necessarily in the traditional sense of making a donation, but through helping someone in need and leaving the donation part to us. We wanted to partner with an organization that allowed millennials to feel empowered and take action on what they care about most, so was the perfect fit."

Allowing you to take part in Giving Tuesday no matter how busy you are, this campaign provides a platform for you to make a difference in any field you're passionate about. is filled with campaigns dedicated to everything from increasing the conversation around teen pregnancy to sending holiday cards to those serving in the military. Seriously, whatever cause you're focused on, they've got it.

Twitter users have already begun participating in the effort to give back, tweeting @Tinder with the hashtag #ImAvailable. Here's how people are available this Giving Tuesday, so you can get inspiration for your own tweet.

1They Give You All The Time You Need

2They're Here For You IRL And On Tinder

3They're Always Available

4They're Sending Love To You

5They're Here If You Need Them

6They're Up Late Planning How To Make A Difference

7They Encourage You To Keep Fighting

8They Support Organizations That Do Good

9They're Here To Chat About Kanye

10They Want To Help Improve Communities

11They're Here To Listen To Your Thoughts

12They Want Social Change Any Time Of The Day

13They're Ready To Help You

14They May Be Married But Today They're On Tinder To Bring Good

15They're Providing Money To Groups That Need It

16They Give You Their Full Attention

17They're Doing Amazing Things All Over The World

18They're Bringing Necessary Change

19They're Ready For You With A Compliment

Thanks to Tinder and, it's easier than ever to be there for someone on Giving Tuesday. Spread the love by letting those around you know that you're available.