Here’s How To Find Your Instagram Top 9 For 2019


It's that time of year again, and I don't mean the holidays. It's Instagram top nine time, which means you're going to need to know how to find your Instagram top nine of 2019 to relive your best moments of the year. While in past years you may have painstakingly cobbled together your top nine by hand (at least I did because I didn't know this generator was a thing), you can actually have it done for you in seconds by visiting the Top Nine for Instagram website, which automatically finds your most popular posts of the year and turns them into a shareable collage.

What's more, if you want to keep those 2019 Instagram memories forever, you can have your top nine printed on things like totes, mugs, and phone cases. And even better, getting your top nine only takes a few minutes. Just head to the website, or download the app, type in your IG handle, enter your email, and get your Instagram top nine of 2019 delivered to your inbox in seconds. The catch is that if you use the Top Nine website, you have to have a public Instagram account to get your fly photo collage on your computer. But don't worry — if you don't want to go public, just use the app instead. In fact, using the app on your phone might even be a little easier, since it allows you to simply screenshot your top nine and post it straight to Instagram. While your 'grams might not have over 310 million likes like Beyoncé had in her 2017 top nine, or more than 1 billion like Kylie Jenner, that's not the point.

Sharing your top nine collage is a snapshot of your year, and it proves you survived it like a boss. If this top nine generator is to be trusted, my best moments of 2018 happened in the last two months of that year — what was I doing the other 10 months of the year? My top moment was meeting Georgia Hardstark and Karen Kilgariff from the true crime comedy podcast My Favorite Murder.

Before I made my top nine, pictured above, I was hesitant because it asks for your email. I get so many emails that it's a great source of anxiety for me, so the last thing I want to do is give someone else my email address so they can send me messages too. Same? After you get your top nine in your inbox you can go back to Top Nine for Instagram and delete your email and all associated data. Though you don't have to enter your email at all, it is the fastest way to get your top nine.

While you're generating your top nine of 2019, you might also notice a new feature that wasn't there in 2018. Now, iOS users have the ability to create a top nine video in addition to a photo collage. After the collage is finished, you'll see options to customize your grid, share it, or create a video. If you select "create video," you get to choose from four different templates. While you can preview the video you created, you'll have to pay $1.99 to unlock it so you can post it to your Instagram account. The photo collage, meanwhile, is free.

If creating your own top nine isn't enough to satisfy you, you can top nine anyone who has a public account. I checked out Lady Gaga and the My Favorite Murder IG top nines in 2018. After you've gone down your own celebrity rabbit hole, you can top nine all of your besties and order them mugs, phone cases, or totes from Top Nine for Instagram.

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