Your "Quarantine Rap Name" Is About To Become Your New Alter Ego

How To Find Your "Quarantine Rap Name" For A Hilarious New Alter Ego

We're home. We're online. We're social distancing to help slow the spread of coronavirus. And we're really grateful to be healthy. But we're also, well, bored — and at this point, anything that holds my attention and offers me a sliver of entertainment value for all of five minutes is a welcome addition to my day. If something can make me laugh, even better. That's exactly why I'd like to present you the opportunity to find your quarantine rap name. Because at this point in my self-isolation, I am belting out all my favorite jams like I'm Mariah Carey and TikTok dancing my heart out, so I may as well add an at-home rap career to my resume, right?

There are all sorts of funny viral quarantine nicknames floating around the internet right now, if you need a quick laugh. And over the past week, a hilarious new template has emerged on social media that helps you create your quarantine rap name, based on month and day you were born. The template lists rap-worthy titles based on each month of the year, which you then pair with one of the very relevant quarantine-related words that corresponds with each day of the month, based on your birthday. Combined, you've got your very silly and extremely hilarious quarantine rap name. It's the best thing to do with your birthday since reading your own astrology chart.

Mine is (drum roll, please)... MC Toilet Paper. Not the most badass of all quarantine rap names, I know, but it did make me giggle. I only wish I had an actual stock of toilet paper to back up my new title. (Why is it still so hard to find?!)

Channel your quarantine rap alter ego using your own birthday, and check out some of the insanely hilarious quarantine rap names on Twitter.

1. Baby Pandemic

2. Cousin Sanitizer

3. Kid Disinfectant

4. Big Lysol

5. A$AP Latex

6. Lil Quarantine

7. Yung Glove

8. A$AP Isolation

9. Da Antibiotic

10. MC Aerosol

11. Lil Pandemic

12. Yung Sponge

13. OG Lysol

14. Rich Vaccine

15. Lil Virus

16. Da Symptom

17. Big Toilet Paper

18. Kid Purell

19. MC Face Mask

20. Baby Curfew

21. Da 99.99%