You Can Buy One Floral S'well Bottle & Get One Free With This Mother's Day Deal

Mother’s Day is around the corner — May 10, to be exact — and if you’re still looking for Mother’s Day gift ideas, the internet has you covered. Sustainable drinkware company S’well is having a BOGO bottle sale. In other words, you can get a reusable bottle for your mom and one for yourself as well.

Starting Thursday, April 30, S’well is running a buy one, get one free sale on its floral bottles. S’well is offering people the chance to arrange a “bouquet” of bottles for the moms in our lives — get it? Because they feature flower patterns? C’mon, it’s cute. There are new patterns like Eden, a serene floral scene, and Sunkissed, a bright springtime design. There are classics like Paradise, a pink modern design, and Blue Cornflower, which features a more minimal watercolor pattern. Basically, you shouldn’t have trouble finding a design that suits your (or your mom’s) taste.

The only slight caveat is that you don’t get to select the bottle you get for free. When you pick out your design of choice, you’ll see the design of the second bottle you get at no additional cost. However, you won’t be able to swap out the free design. Fortunately, if you’re into florals, you likely won’t be too disappointed by whichever bottle you get for free. From now until May 2 at 11:59 p.m. PT, you can get a free bottle with the purchase of a full-price floral bottle using the code MOM2020.

If florals aren’t your thing, S’well has over 150 different reusable bottles with patterns that suit your particular style. You can peruse their best-selling bottles that feature monochromatic designs in Onyx and Pink Topaz. For a full Planet Earth experience, check out S’well’s BBC Earth collection that includes designs like a sea lion bottle and a northern lights bottle. There are Frozen 2 S’well bottles. There are bottles with basketball patterns. There’s even a bottle in a deep purple called Sangria. This is especially apt because, as the product description states, a 25-ounce S’well bottle can hold an entire bottle of wine. Something to consider for your next hike or stroll around the block.

According to a 2017 study from research company Euromonitor, we use a million plastic water bottles every minute around the world. That works out to be nearly 22,000 plastic bottles every second. Buying a reusable water bottle significantly helps reduct the among of single-use plastic we're consuming, ultimately helping reduce the amount of plastic pollution overall. Put simply, sustainability is the gift that keeps on giving. And so are BOGO deals.