How To Get Into Disney's New Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, Even Without A Reservation


If there's one kind of super fan, it's a Star Wars fan. Lovers of the film franchise take it very seriously, which is maybe why Disney's new area, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, at Disneyland has been a runaway success before it's even opened. And a lot of people are already wondering how to get into Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge without a reservation. It's easy to see why. The new land lets you explore Black Spire Outpost, a “haven for the galaxy’s most colorful — and notorious — characters”, on the planet Batuu and it looks like a total blast.

And even though it opens on May 31, it's already proved hugely popular. From May 31 to June 23, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge requires a reservation if you want to visit — reservations that are now very much sold out. It may sound like a disaster, but there's no reason to panic. You can still quench that deep, deep thirst for all things Star Wars — and there are actually two different ways you can get in.

Before we get into how to visit, it's really important to note that this is *specifically* for Disneyland — not Disney World. The Disney World Star Wars park won't be opening until August 29. Don't show up at Disney World in June and find no Star Wars and get angry at me. I warned you. But if you were planning a trip to Disneyland and missed out on Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge reservations, you can still make it happen.

The first method is based on where you stay. From May 31 to June 23 you have to have a reservation, but the reservations are currently sold out — UNLESS you're staying at a Disneyland Park in California. You can still get a reservation between May 31 and June 23 if you're staying at one of the three Disneyland Resort hotels during this time. The Grand Californian, the Disneyland Hotel, and the Paradise Pier Hotel all offer different price points and a stay at any of them will allow you to get a reservation to Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge. The reservation has to be during your stay and you only get one reservation per registered guest, so you can't load up on tickets for your friends.

You can book a stay on their website but BE WARNED — if you cancel the hotel reservation, your Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge reservation will also be canceled. So you can’t make a hotel reservation just to get in and then cancel the hotel reservation — no pulling a fast one here, please. If you're interested, you can book your stay online at Disneyland’s official website or by calling (714) 520-5050 to talk to a Disney rep. Note that you will also have to have admission to the park — so you'll have to pay for that separately. A love of Star Wars does not come cheap.


OK, so if you don’t have a reservation and you don’t want to fork out to stay at one of the hotels, what can you do? Easy — just wait until after June 23rd. After that date, entry will be based on a queuing system. You will be able to join a virtual queuing system, which allows you to chill out and enjoy the rest of the park while you wait for your turn. The queuing system will be managed through the Disneyland app, which will have a special "Galaxy’s Edge – Status and Access" module available from the main page. Here you will be able to request to join a boarding group to visit the land — once you're already in the park.

If you don't want to use the app, that's OK too. There will be certain areas around the park where you can sign up to join the wait for a boarding group. Of course, entry will be subject to capacity. The new area can only hold so many people and having a boarding group doesn't guarantee that you'll make it inside — but it's definitely your best shot. It's basically like a Star Wars free for all.

There's no denying that Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge has a lot of fans — before it's even opened — but you can still get in. Book into the hotels or just wait until late June. Your journey to Batuu awaits.