Here’s How To Get Instagram’s New Hashtag Follow Feature


The 2017 holidays are coming early courtesy of Instagram, which is putting everyone on its "nice" list this year. On the heels of last week's Instagram Stories update, another new feature lets you follow hashtags. If you're excited AF, here's how to get the follow hashtag button on Instagram so you never miss another cute dog photo. "For the first time ever, you'll be able to follow something other than people on Instagram," Instagram shared in a blog post about the update. "We're launching the ability to follow hashtags to help you discover more posts from the interests and communities you care about, right in your feed."

Instagram has definitely upped its game considerably in 2017 with myriad updates to make your photo feed even more boss than it already is. And, now they're ending the year with the greatest gift of all. "Instagrammers will be able to follow hashtags to keep up with their Instagram obsessions — whether it's street style, beauty tutorials, or travel inspiration."

If you're like me, you spend a lot of time perusing photos from Instagram accounts you don't follow after you've gone down a hashtag rabbit hole. Now you can cut down on your searching by following your favorite hashtags directly, which means things you're already obsessed with will show up in your feed like magic.

Get The Instagram Follow Hashtag Button


Obviously you're going to want to get the Instagram hashtag button ASAP, so here's how it works. When you visit an Instagram hashtag page during one of your deep dives into Japanese facial blading, simply tap the "follow" button to start seeing the best posts from that hashtag right in your newsfeed, Instagram tells Bustle.

"So whether you love keeping up with nail art trends on #floralnails or watching slime videos on #oddlysatisfying, now it's easier to discover, and stay connected to, your favorite interests," Instagram explains. "Once you follow a hashtag, you'll see content in [your] feed as well as your Instagram Stories tray." One of the best things about Instagram is that — not unlike YouTube — it reassures you that you're not alone in your weirdness. Like, your secret obsession with #GlitterBeards is totally normal

There are a lot of glitter-beard lovers. Hashtags basically reinforce what you learned in kindergarten. I'm OK; you're OK. We're all weird in our own unique way. "Community has been a core value at Instagram from the start, and at the heart of every community is a shared interest," Instagram says. "With Instagram, your audiences can stay connected with the interests, hobbies, passions, and communities they care about most." Like, for example, #DogBuns.

Most Popular Instagram Hashtags To Follow


If you're curious about which topics other insta users are most interested in, you no longer have to wonder. Instagram compiled a group of the topics that resonated most with your fellow insta friends in 2017. Leading the pack is what Instagram has dubbed "Homage To Slime." Yes, the hashtag #Slime has more than 5 million posts, and if you're old enough to remember the TV show You Can't Do That On Television, then you're nostalgic for those buckets of ooze being dumped on people's heads. Because, it reminds you of simpler times when all you had to worry about was being slimed.

Other popular trending communities are those that offer support, which is particularly important in the current unsupportive political dumpster fire. Topics like body positivity, mental health, women's issues, inclusivity and diversity, and gender identity have a lot of people doing a double tap. Rainbows and unicorns, and eyelid beauty trends with themes like nature, flowers, hearts, rainbows, black & white, and cosmic galaxy were also shown lots of love in 2017.

Yaaas! I am beyond psyched to start following Lady Gaga, puppies, and kitten hashtags on Instagram right freakin' now. And, this is totally going to increase the amount of time my roommate and I spend sending each other funny Instagram posts from the other room. Seriously, this is how we spend our time communicating with each other after — and sometimes during — work. Because, hashtags! While it's sad to admit, we're sometimes too lazy to actually get up and actually show each other the funnies, especially if we're also marathoning separate Netflix shows at the same time. That's not weird, right?