How To Get The New Instagram Geostickers, Because I Know You Love Them


Probably because they figured we all needed brief moments of brightness in our very, very dark days, Instagram has begun rolling their latest app updates. Here's how to get the new Instagram geostickers, because we all receive a weird amount of delight from them. No, don't even lie about it. And hey, it's cool — they are lots of fun, after all. As long as you're in the right location, at least.

On Tuesday, March 7, Instagram users in Jakarta, Indonesia and New York City will be the first to test out the app's new geostickers. Available on the app's "Story" feature, each city will have several general stickers, in addition to neighborhood-specific ones that will appear only when you're actually in those areas.

One of the major upsides to Instagram's geostickers, as compared to Snapchat's geofilters, is the ability to edit them. You can dictate the size, the placement and the number of them; you're also not limited to one per shot. People watching your Story will be able to tap the sticker for more information on your location (don't worry, not specificity of location, more like "Williamsburg is in Brooklyn and filled with white dudes in suspenders!"). Snapchat, you're still great, but Instagram, nicely done.

When Instagram initially rolled out their Story feature in August 2016, many users expressed confusion over the adoption of existing social media technology. Though there was an adjustment period before individuals took advantage of the ephemeral slideshow feature, it's now incredibly popular. Even I've made an Instagram Story or two, and I'm consistently six months behind, uh, every tech trend ever.


The update will be part of the iOS 10.11, and will be available for Android as well.

Amped up? Pumped to heck? Here's how to get those geostickers so everyone will know you're in either the state of New York or the country of Indonesia. They gotta know.

1. Go To Your Home Screen

Maddy Foley/Bustle

The app store icon is the blue "A."

And yes, my background IS a cat covered in glittery pink money.

2. Open The App Store

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Do not be distracted by all the shiny new games!

3. Update Instagram

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Heck yeah, tap that update!

4. Get to New York or Jakarta


Yep, that's the bummer about geostickers — they're location specific. Hence the, uh, "geo" part.

5. And Start Your Story!

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How! Cute! Are! These!