How To Impress Your Boss Every Day With These 9 Effective Hacks

If you'd like to snag yourself a raise, move up in your company, or simply score great references for future jobs, then you'll definitely want to know how to impress your boss a little each day. There are big things you can do, like going above and beyond when it comes to completing projects or really pushing yourself to get ahead. But the little things you do each day — as well as the general vibe your project while at work — can certainly add up, too.

Basically, impressing your boss is all about being impressive yourself, coming across as a "team player," and thus getting on your boss's good side. Because "like it or not, your boss is the gatekeeper to your career's future," Jessie West, MEd, of West Coaching and Consulting, tells Bustle. "Not only do they hold the key to promotions and raises in your current job, but their opinion will follow you in the form of a letter of recommendation for your next position."

That doesn't mean you have to suck up, or do things you're unwilling or unable to do. But it does mean you should put your best foot forward each day, take on extra work whenever possible, and radiate a positive, easy-to-work with energy. "Making the extra effort to stay in their good graces can pay off now and later," Jodi Chavez, president of Randstad Professionals and Life Sciences at Randstad US, tells Bustle. So it's all worth it. And, as an added bonus, being a good employee will make your work day better, it'll help improve your work environment, and it'll give you a sense of of a job well done. Here are a few things you should consider doing each day.