These Are The Easiest Ways To Start Incorporating Crystals Into Your Beauty Routine

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Victoria Beckham uses them. Miranda Kerr uses them. Kim Kardashian uses them. Crystals. They're having a moment. You’ll probably scroll past them on your Instagram feed or seen them in the beauty cabinet of your favourite beauty influencer. While they may have long been associated with witchcraft and mystics, crystals are now making their way into our beauty routines thanks to famous and influential people of our time. But the question is, are crystals actually good for your skin?

Skin care and zen are the two things I am seriously invested in on the run up summer, so if incorporating crystals into my beauty routine will give me inner peace and a Beyoncé glow, then sign me up.

Reiki Master and founder of Emerald and Tiger Jasmin Harsono tells me: "Crystals support overall wellbeing for the mind and body. They can reduce stress levels. Stress is linked to many health related issues including skin problems such as acne and eczema."

I love the idea of incorporating crystals into my day-to-day life to better my skin and mind. However, getting started can be pretty daunting unless you know what each crystal does and how to use it. But don't worry — Harsono has got us covered. Below are her top tips on how to start working with crystals:

1. Rose Quartz

"Rose quartz is a warming soft pink stone of unconditional love," Harsono tells me. "Work with rose quartz if you are seeking love in your life, or more importantly visualise the warming pink energy filling you up from the soles of your feet to the top of your head with love until your heart overflows. You can use it to send love to others, all living things and to support our planet."

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And Rose Quartz is excellent for the skin, Harsono tells me. She suggests you lay down and place a few small stones on your face, resting for at least 15-20 minutes. It's great for the heart and circulation and brings a rejuvenating glow oxygenating the skin to improve brightness and tone, Harsono explains. Or you could try one of the two suggestions below.

Rose Quartz Bath

If you're looking for something uber relaxing, try a nourishing Rose Quartz bath. Harsono suggests you create a candlelit setting, remove any artificial lighting, maybe play some chilled meditative music, and grab some frankincense oil. Then, place a couple of crystals around the rim of your bath and then the rest into your bathtub, along with the frankincense oil that is warming, nurturing and grounding. Throw in Himalayan and magnesium salts to deepen your experience of cleansing and relaxing the physical body. Run warm water to a level that covers your body and gently lower yourself into the bath. Place rose quartz over your heart and if you feel called hold a crystal in each hand. Engage your breath with soft deep breaths, filling your space with pink light.

And Harsono also adds this top tip: "Most crystals are great to leave out in the sun, Rose Quartz loses its beautiful colour if left out for too long. If you want to cleanse this crystal you can use running water or bathe it under a new or full moon."

Rose And Clear Quartz Facial Spray

Create a nourishing Rose Quartz spray for your skin and carry it around in your handbag, or when you are traveling. Harsono suggests dropping a few tiny rose and clear quartz pieces into a bottle and adding three to five drops of frankincense. After that, you should fill the container with purified water and spritz over a cleansed skin. You can use this as a toner or as a refreshing mist throughout the day.

2. Jade Roller or Gua Sha

Jade is a beautiful stone and is increasingly being used in beauty facials to support the sensitivity and complexity of the skin, Harsono tells me. The roller or Gua Sha are tools that can be combined with Jade crystal to increase blood circulation, reduce puffiness, and drain the lymphatic system.

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3. Black Tourmaline

“Black tourmaline ... reduces stress and is a balancing stone that helps to relieve tension," Harsono says. "Connect with this crystal to help reduce cortisol levels. As you breathe hold the stone allowing your body and mind to penetrate the properties of black tourmaline. Over time notice how it may improve the quality of your skin by reducing your stress levels. You can place a piece in your glass of water to absorb healing properties throughout your body and mind."