How To Increase Your Energy When You Always Feel Sluggish


You've probably had that string of weeks, or heck, even months, where it feels like a real slog to do just about anything. Sometimes where energy is concerned, there simply seems to be a major lack of it, and sluggishness is the name of the daily game. Trust, this is not an uncommon phenomenon. But figuring out how to increase your energy when it seems to have totally left the building is not impossible, especially if you can do a little work to pinpoint what might be causing this case of the blahs.

"People often feel sluggish for a be of two reasons. Their diet or their mental health," clinical social worker and addictions counselor, Ben Barrett, of How to Social Worker, tells Bustle. "These definitely are not mutually exclusive either!"

It's of course worth noting that if your low energy is something that seems particularly problematic, checking in with your healthcare provider is always a good first step to get to the bottom of what is going on with you. But there are also a few questions you can ask yourself, and habits you can implement, that might help elevate your day-to-day sluggishness.

Below, some pros give advice on how to lift your energy on both a mind and body level.