How To Listen To Fashionista's New Podcast

If you haven't started listening to podcasts, it isn't too late to start. In today's day and age, it's almost impossible to find a podcast that doesn't meet an interest. From food-related podcasts to a mystery series dedicated to finding Richard Simmons, it seems like there's a podcast that covers every topic. The latest to join the gang is one you won't want to miss, especially if you're a fashion lover: Fashionista's "4 P. M. At Fashionista."

Fashionista's "4 P.M. at Fashionista," named in part due to the Drake song, is based on the wild conversations the editors have with each other right around 4 p.m. It provides an inside look at how fashion editors view and think about the industry and the news that's happening in the fashion world.

If you're looking to up your fashion knowledge as well as learn more about the industry and insider experiences, this is the podcast for you. But don't worry if you don't know all of the big names or terms — the editors of Fashionista will discuss events and opinions in a roundtable manner, taking an approachable method, so anyone can enjoy and understand.

Take a listen to the first episode of 4 p.m. at Fashionista now!

If you want to expand your fashion podcast horizon and are hungry for more, here are some more podcasts to sink your teeth into.

1. UnStyled

Refinery29's UnStyled, hosted by Global EIC Christene Barberich, takes a look at life, love, and work with fashion industry insiders.

2. Vogue Podcast

Hosted by André Leon Talley, the Vogue podcast talks with major fashion players such as Kim Kardashian and Tom Ford, taking an inside look at what's happening in the fashion world. The latest episode features Adriana Lima.

3. Oh Boy

While not exclusively a fashion podcast, Man Repeller's Jay Buim sits with powerful and encouraging women who tell their life stories. This is an interesting and inspiring podcast that helps you get to know some of the wave-making women in the world.

4. Fashion No Filter

Hosted by fashion blogger Camille Charriere and fashion writer Monica Ainley, this podcast provides an inside look at how the fashion industry works.