How To Make A Name For Yourself Online, According To Experts


Nowadays, if someone’s trying to figure out who you are — whether it’s a potential employer or a potential date — the first thing they’ll do is probably Google you. The internet is also probably where potential employers and collaborators will first find you. So, improving your online presence is more important than ever. But while there’s a lot of advice out there for businesses to do this, it’s not always clear how individuals should. After all, you can’t really create advertisements for yourself. But you can create a name for yourself.

“There is no silver bullet to building a larger online presence,” Andrew Selepak, PhD, a professor in the department of telecommunication at the University of Florida, tells Bustle. "You can listen to all the experts and watch all the tutorials out there on how to build an online presence and it still won’t make you Kardashian famous overnight. So, the first thing to do is have a realistic expectation of how big your presence can become.”

While becoming a Kardashian may be out of the question (unless you can find a way to snag your own reality show), becoming a trusted source of information (or, as they call it in the marketing world, a “thought leader”) in your own industry isn’t. Here are a few ways you can grow a bigger following online, according to experts.