Starbucks Has A New Secret “White Drink” That Tastes Like “Liquid Peach Cobbler”

There’s a new Starbucks drink in town — but you won’t find it on the official menu. If you want to know how to order the Starbucks “White Drink,” you’ll have to get a little fancy; it’s only accessible via the Starbucks secret menu. And by “secret menu,” what I mean is, you have to know exactly what to ask for when you place your order. Sneaky, right? The White Drink is also apparently delicious, though, so it’s well worth learning what specific set of instructions will result in the peaches-and-cream-flavored treat. It may just be the refreshing summer beverage you had no idea you were missing.

The White Drink is one of a long line of secret Starbucks drinks known solely by their color: First, there was the Pink Drink; then there was the Purple Drink; the Orange Drink followed shortly thereafter; and finally, the Blue Drink and Green Drink rounded out the rainbow-hued stable. The Pink Drink ended up being so popular that it ultimately got added to the official Starbucks menu — although for some people, there was one problem with both it and all of the unofficial variations: None of them were Keto-friendly.

But lately, some enterprising Starbucks fans who also follow the Keto diet have been rising to the challenge, first coming up with a secret menu order that resulted in a Keto-friendly Pink Drink — and now following up with the White Drink. The White Drink uses one of the Teavana Shaken White Tea Infusions — the Peach Citrus one, to be exact — as its base before making a few adjustments to the order. Instagram user @daniellegoesketo recently shared an image that shows not only the end result of the drink, but all the specific customizations she made in asking for it.

As Spoon University points out, the Teavana Shaken White Tea and its related Infusions aren’t Keto-friendly in their natural state due to the inclusion of liquid sugar cane in the recipes; however, you can easily make any drink involving the Shaken White Tea into a Keto-friendly variation by asking for it unsweetened. From there, just make a few more adjustments, and you end up with White Drink: A creamy, tea-based, iced drink that looks like it’s made of clouds and tastes like peach cobbler.

However, as is the case with all “secret menu”-style drinks, you can’t just roll up to your local Starbucks, say, “Yes, I’d like a Grande White Drink, please,” and expect your barista to know what you’re talking about. The good news, though, is that, thanks to Starbucks’ endlessly versatile menu, you can get yourself a White Drink by asking for the right customizations when you place your order. Here’s how to order a White Drink without, y’know, asking for “White Drink”:

1. Order A Teavana Shaken Peach Citrus White Tea Infusion…


This is where it all begins. Don’t forget to identify the size you want during this step.

2. …But Specify For It To Be Made Unsweetened

The liquid sugar cane is what makes the Peach Citrus White Tea Infusion non-Keto — but if you ask for the drink to be made unsweetened (that is, without the liquid sugar cane), then it’s A-OK for folks who follow Keto. If Keto isn’t your thing, though, and you like your drinks sweet, you can skip this step — totally up to you.

3. Ask To Add A Splash Of Heavy Cream

That’s what makes the drink turn that milky white color — and, of course, what lends it its creamy texture and taste.

4. Include Two To Four Pumps Of Sugar-Free Vanilla Syrup

How much do you like vanilla? Adjust the amount of syrup in the drink according to your preferences. Again, if you don’t worry about following Keto and if you like your drinks sweet, you can make an adjustment here; you’ll get a similar flavor from regular Vanilla Syrup, as well.

5. Specify No Water

I don’t totally know why this step is important, but it’s what’s recommended, so here you go.

6. And Lastly, Ask For Light Ice

Less ice = more actual drink. (Or at least, I assume that’s the logic behind this one.)

Note, though, that these instructions are just the beginning. As Spoon U and Delish note, though, there are plenty of ways to customize the drink and make it into something totally your own. Want a blended drink? Just ask (and maybe skip the “light ice” step). In the mood for something a little less potent? Keep the water. Want it sweeter? Add some Splenda to it — or just keep the liquid sugar cane, if Keto isn’t your jam. Craving some peach melba? Include a pump of Raspberry Syrup. The list goes on, so go ahead and get creative.

Bottoms up!