How To Plan A Bachelorette Party If You Don’t Want To Make Other People Spend Money


If you've been part of a wedding party before, you know that participating in your loved one's special day can come with some serious costs. But planning an affordable bachelorette party doesn't have to mean cutting out all of the fun parts of celebrating with the friends of the person getting married. There are plenty of very entertaining ways to have a pre-wedding celebration, according to experts.

Bachelorette parties don't have to be just about night life or clubs, Janessa White, a wedding planner and co-founder of Simply Eloped, tells Bustle. "They can be anything you want them to be; at any time." As long as the to-be-married person who the party is honoring is happy, it's sure to be a great celebration. Starting with the interests of the person getting married can be a great way to brainstorm low-cost options. For example, if they really love a good spa day, you don't have to all go drop hundreds of dollars at a fancy spa. Instead, plan something at someone's home, and ask everyone to bring some of their favorite face masks, lotions, and nail supplies. This will certainly be a more affordable — but still luxurious — way to de-stress, plus you might walk away with a new favorite product.

Here's how to plan a bachelorette party without making people spend money, according to experts.