Guess What? You'll Be Able To Stream 'GoT' Without HBO

by S. Atkinson

Take a few deep breaths: The Game of Thrones Season 7 premiere is just over a week away. If you've been hoping to stream all of Game of Thrones without an HBO subscription before July 16, then praise be, because there's now a solution. According to a press release, Xfinity TV is partnering with HBO, and they're going to provide the most dynamic duo the TV world has seen since Arya met Needle. Xfinity On Demand will offer users access to all previous seasons of the show for a limited time only — specifically, between Monday, July 10 and Saturday, July 16.

If you've never watched the George R. R. Martin adaptation before, it'll be tough, but doable to get up to speed in time for the premiere. Regarding the doable aspect: If you're finding the idea of plonking down in front of your trusty laptop to marathon for an entire week a little on the sad side, you've got options. If you download Xfinity X1, the Stream portal, and the Stream app, then you get to choose what device you watch the series on — be that your phone, laptop, or TV, so you're not chained to your apartment for your Night's Watch.

And if you've watched Season 6 but are looking to revisit specific episodes you may be a little hazy on, help is at hand. Xfinity also will be offering full recaps of episodes and deep dives into houses and characters.

According to Uproxx, it is possible to watch Game of Thrones Seasons 1 to 6 in the time period offered — they calculate it taking 55 hours and 28 minutes to watch all of the seasons so far. And Xfinity is giving you, the humble viewer, almost three times as much time, with 144 hours of the back catalog being available. Sure, you need to work and sleep. But if you cut down on all the stuff you'd usually do — calling your mom, drinking beers with your BFF, showering — and get ready to dedicate your entire existence for one week only to Game of Thrones, it's going to be possible to ready yourself for the premiere.

Yes, some people will argue that HBO's televisual delight is too big and complex for marathoning and that it should be savored like a fine wine. But you know what? Winter is coming, and you've only got a week. Let's do this.