The 'Game Of Thrones' World Is Coming To A City Near You

Macall B. Polay/HBO

Does it ever seem like Westeros feels so real that you could just step right through your TV screen and into the fictional Seven Kingdoms? Well, now you can — sort of. HBO has just announced the impending launch of Game Of Thrones: The Touring Exhibition, which will travel around the world and allow fans the chance to enter environments pulled straight from the hit fantasy series, as well as seeing various props and costumes up close and in person.

Not too many details are known at this point, other than that the tour kicks off sometime in Fall 2017, starting in Europe before traversing the globe — so American audiences may have to wait a while before they get the chance to see the exhibition themselves. But with the Season 7 GoT premiere drawing tantalizingly near, fans will have plenty to occupy themselves with in the meantime.

While many of the show's more fantastical elements will be impossible to replicate on a tour (you can't show off CGI dragons in an exhibit hall), there are still plenty of artifacts that would be intriguing to examine up close. As beautiful as Throne looks onscreen, there's only so much detail that can be conveyed through a television set… and fans might be surprised at the level of intricate detail that's often missed when it airs on HBO.

Here are just a few props and costumes the Game of Thrones exhibition should include, so fans can get a chance to examine their secrets up close.

1. The Iron Throne

This one's a no-brainer. No Game Of Thrones exhibition would be complete without a life-sized Iron Throne for attendees to sit on and admire. The only question is, whose style will you replicate when you take your seat? Will you lean jauntily on it like Joffrey? Try to sit all prim and proper like Tommen? Clench your fists in fury like Cersei?

2. The Dragonstone Throne

The HBO series is adding a new seat to its titular collection of fancy chairs this season. Viewers never saw the throne room in Dragonstone while Stannis ruled, but Dany, of course, immediately claims her spot in its stony embrace. Given how new this prop is, it would be fun to try to spot any secrets it may be hiding.

3. Valyrian Steel

The few Valyrian steel swords left in Westeros will be crucial weapons in the brewing war against the White Walkers… but how exactly is Valyrian steel different from regular steel? Honestly, all the swords kind of blend together on the show, so it would be intriguing to examine the differences and details in person.

4. Armor

From the Kingsguard to the Unsullied to the Lannisters and more, there are so many different iterations of armor on this show — and they each harbor distinct flourishes and styles. Did you notice how Ser Gregor's new breastplate appears to be emblazoned with the image of Queen Cersei's crown? There must be more hidden features like this that could be revealed up close.

5. The Astrolabe

The medieval astronomical instrument has been a key figure on Thrones since the first episode, featured heavily in the opening credits of each episode floating high in the sky above Westeros. But the astrolabe made its grand debut within the show itself in the Season 6 finale, where it was on full display when Sam entered the Citadel's library. Not having one of these hovering over the exhibition hall would be a missed opportunity.

6. A Weirwood Tree

With its white bark, red leaves, tangled roots, and carved faces, the weirwood trees are one of Thrones' most distinctive images. And while they look real on the show, they're almost definitely not made of wood. Are they styrofoam? Fiberglass? What is such a large prop made out of? Hopefully fans will get a chance to find out during the tour.

7. The Painted Table

Over the course of 60 episodes, it's almost impossible to believe that there could be places on the map of Westeros the show hasn't visited. And yet there are plenty of nooks and crannies within the Seven Kingdoms still waiting to be discovered, and fans would have a field day locating minor cities and castles, and hunting for Easter eggs on the massive table carved by Aegon the Conqueror.

8. Dany's Dresses

Let's face it: Daenerys has the best outfits on the whole show. She just always looks great, doesn't she? And her style has evolved so much over time — from the horseback-appropriate garb of the Dothraki to the bizarre fashion of the Qartheen, from the flowing gowns of Meereen to the new leather-studded look of Season 7 — that seeing it all laid out in sequence would be a nice trip down memory lane.

9. Dany's "Dragon"

Obviously, HBO can't bring Drogon, Viserion, and Rhaegal along for the tour, as mentioned previously, given that they're entire computer-animated and all. But how cool would it be to get a chance to see (and maybe even ride) the mechanical bull-type contraption that they use to simulate the appearance of Daenerys in flight?

10. The White Walkers

The dragons may be entirely CGI, but the show's icy menaces are not; the White Walkers are portrayed by actors wearing prosthetics. The makeup is so incredibly detailed that it probably has to be seen in person to be believed. (Just don't go trying to steal one of their masks for your next Halloween costume.)

11. The Hall Of Faces

How creepy would it be to walk into a dark room, only to see hundreds of sliced-off faces staring back at you from the walls? Bonus points if the masks are actually modeled off the faces of Game Of Thrones cast members.

12. Ned Stark's Head

You've had a great time at the Game Of Thrones exhibition and you're on your way out when you look up… and prominently displayed over the doorway is the decapitated head of Ned Stark on a spike. The prop they made for the Season 1 finale (along with the head of poor Septa Mordane) is probably still floating around somewhere, right? This would be a great way to give fans one last jolt before they head out the door.

Whatever's on display at Game Of Thrones: The Touring Exhibition, hardcore fans across the world will undoubtedly be lining up to get in and have their chance to step into Westeros for an evening. Just remember: If you hear "The Rains Of Castamere" start playing… duck and run for cover.