7 Ways To Tell You've Outgrown Your Job — And Should Look For Another One


In exchange for the work we contribute to our companies, we can expect a few things from them. Along with paying us, they should provide us with the opportunity to grow professionally. This means learning new skills, tackling problems we haven’t faced before, finding mentors, and having new experiences. Once you’re no longer growing at your job, you’ve likely outgrown it.

"When your job becomes too easy and no longer offers any sort of challenge, it’s time for a change," Pamela Shand, MS, CPRW, CEO of OfferStage Consulting, tells Bustle. "If the job that once forced you to think at higher levels and motivated you to be better now seems like one mindless action after the next, it has run its course in your life. At this point, a move needs to be made. You’re either going to move up or out. Either way, it’s time to make a move."

In addition to halting your personal growth, a lack of opportunities for professional development can be a sign your boss isn’t respecting you. Given all the hard work you put in, the least they can do is make sure you’re getting something out of it.

Here are some signs you’re no longer growing at your job and could benefit from finding a new one.


You’re Bored

Boredom is a sign that you aren’t being challenged — and unfortunately, not all companies have a problem with this. “Sometimes, companies will see that an employee is excelling at a given role and want to keep having them do the same thing because of their stellar performance,” ResumeGo Co-Founder Peter Yang tells Bustle. “However, it's important to realize that all employees need a change in routine every once in a while to keep them happy at the firm.”


You’ve Hit A Ceiling

You can only grow if there’s room for you to advance to a new position, which won’t be possible if your boss isn’t open to promoting you. “Some executives are reluctant to promote employees even if they are performing excellently because that would require the company to pay them more,” says Yang. “If this seems to be the case where you're working, then cut your losses and start looking for a new job.”


You’re Not Using All Your Brainpower

There’s only so much you can learn if your job isn’t pushing you to think hard and exercise your talents. “It's critical for everyone to be mentally challenged and experience intellectual growth in their careers,” says Yang.


You Look Forward Most To The Superficial Aspects Of Your Job

If the best thing about going to work is petting the office dogs or getting Chipotle during your lunch break, your job itself may not be doing much for you. “Yes, these all contribute to a positive workplace environment, but when they supersede your excitement — or even interest — in your current job, it's time to find a better one,” Monster Career Expert Vicki Salemi tells Bustle.


It’s Easy

When your job is easy, you’re prone to losing focus and getting less work done, says Salemi. And you’re probably not developing any new skills.


You Haven’t Learned Anything New In A While

In order to get better at our jobs, we need to take on new tasks, be introduced to new concepts, and develop new skills. If you’re at the same level you were at six months ago, it’s time to find a workplace that offers you more professional development, says Salemi.


You Dread Work

Plenty of people dread Mondays, but that doesn’t mean things should be this way, says Salemi. You don’t have to stay in a job you don’t look forward to. Life is too short not to do something that excites you.

If you feel like you’re no longer growing at your job, you may not want to quit just yet if you have nothing else lined up. But it's probably a good time to do some research and figure out what’s out there.