How To Use The iPhone's New Reminders App To Organize Your Life

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The iPhone isn't just great for talking, texting, and using social media, it's also an efficient tool to help you keep up with your daily tasks. And you don't even have to head to the App Store to get a head start. One of the iPhone's best organizational tools is already in your phone and it's gotten a recent upgrade. The iPhone's new Reminders app can be used to organize your life and keep yourself on track.

The Reminders app has always been pretty useful when it comes to keeping to-do lists. But with the recent iOS 13 update, it's gained a few new features and a sleek, new look. Don't worry though, a lot of the same capabilities that you fell in love with in the first Reminders app are still there. For example, you can still customize the names of your reminders, set due dates for each one, and share your Reminders lists with other people. But with the new iOS 13 update, you can incorporate Reminders into your everyday life to make sure you don't forget anything.

Here are five features available in the Reminders app with iOS 13 that will help you use it like a pro and get organized:


Use Siri To Add Reminders

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If you're too busy to even type up a Reminder, the new iOS 13 update allows you to add Reminders through Siri, according to Apple's support page. Using phrases like "Remind me to take the trash out at 8PM" will allow you to keep your to-do list organized even when you're hands-off. You'll never have to forget a task again just because you didn't have the time or ability to jot it down.


Get Reminders When Messaging Specific People

Sometimes you have to talk to a friend or coworker about something specific but don't have the time in the moment to do so. This isn't a problem with the updated Reminders app, as the new version now allows you to get Reminders about things while messaging specific people. In order to do this, you just have to go to one of your reminders and click the information "i" icon next to it. This should lead you to the "Details" page. In this screen, you should see a section that says "Remind me when messaging." You just have to toggle that on and then "Choose Person" by entering the contact that you want a Reminder alert when messaging. Then, the next time you're texting that person, a Reminder will pop up on your phone.


Use Your Location To Get Reminders

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With the older version of the app, you could already use your location services to get Reminders based on the place you were in. But now, the updated app allows you to set Reminders for when you're arriving to a destination or getting in the car to leave for somewhere. All you have to do is tap the location arrow icon whenever you're creating a new Reminder and then assign a notification based on where you might be or go. Then, whether you're entering home or leaving for work, you'll get a Reminder letting you know what it is you have to do.


Add More Details To Reminders

In the previous version of the app, the Reminders you could set were pretty straight-forward. It was just the description of what you needed to do. But now, the update allows you to add details to the Reminders, including Notes, attachments, and a URL. So if you're the type of person that needs a little more information when it comes to your daily to-do lists, this update is perfect for you. You can easily see everything you need in order to complete a task all under one Reminder.


Create Subtasks

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You no longer have to make several confusing Reminders that all have to do with the same thing. The new iOS 13 update comes with the ability to make Reminders subtasks, which will make bigger projects or tasks easier to complete and keep track of. For example, if your reminder is to "Get ready for the party," you can create subtasks for the reminder which include "Buy snacks" and "Get drinks." This way, you can keep your reminders organized and not get overwhelmed with your tasks being all over the place.

The new Reminders app is the organizational guru's best friend. And once you start learning the ins and outs, you'll be an unstoppable organizational machine.