You Can Use Instagram Stories' New Quiz Sticker To See If Your Friends ACTUALLY Know You

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Instagram is always coming up with new ways to delight us and entice (and to keep us from ever being able to focus on work again). But this latest feature upgrade is sure to be a winner — the new Instagram Stories Quiz Sticker is the latest way to interact with your followers and it looks like a lot of fun. How do you use the Instagram Stories Quiz Sticker? It's easier than you think.

You're probably familiar with the Instagram Stories Question Sticker — the one that lets your followers ask you questions, the answers to which you can then post back on your Instagram story. It's the source of many, many "I'm bored, ask me something" posts. But this is a little different. The Instagram Stories Quiz Sticker is a slightly different twist on that — it lets you ask your followers questions. You can write your own question and then come up with a few different multiple choice answers that your followers can pick between. You could ask anything from super serious questions like, "Which toppings of pizza should I pick tonight?" to less serious questions like, "Which pizza topping emoji most represents who I am as a person?" The possibilities are endless.

In fact, Instagram tweeted a SUPER useful breakdown to make quizzing a breeze. If you want to figure out how to ask the deepest, most important questions to your followers on Instagram, this is where to start.

Basically, the step by step will have you making quizzes in no time. You start by opening up the sticker tray — the little smile that looks a little bit like a post-it note in the upper right-hand corner. It's how you start a lot of story personalizations, so if you're a regular 'gram user it should look pretty familiar.

Then you tap the quiz sticker. That's pretty straightforward, as it, you know, says the word "Quiz" right on it. I told you Instagram made it easy — I'm pretty much a technical stooge, but I'm sure even I can work it out.

Then you add your quiz questions and answers! The answers don't have to be emojis, obviously. You can write in whatever you want for the question and for the answer choices. But really, it's Instagram — if you're not speaking 90% in emojis then what are you really doing?

Finally, just share it with your followers. Then you can see the answers roll in and know just what kind of pizza topping they think you are — or which pizza topping you should get tonight. All of life's important questions, answered by an Instagram quiz.

People already love Instagram Stories Question Sticker and being able to share Instagram story question responses with their followers, so it's safe to bet that this quiz will also be an Insta fan favorite. Instagram polls, questions, quizzes — there are a lot of different ways they keep us engaging and interacting. In fact, the big question isn't trying to use all of these new Instagram features, it's how to stop using them and focus on something else. Otherwise, you might just end up wiling the day away with emoji-based multiple choice questions. But there are worse things, I suppose.

Instagram keeps us guessing with new features — but the Instagram Stories Quiz Sticker is an obvious next step. You are your own quiz master, so go forth and start quizzing.