Uber's New ExpressPOOL Will Save You Major Money On Rides — Here's How It Works

Leon Neal/Getty Images News/Getty Images

"Calling an Uber" has become synonymous with hailing a cab. Since Uber was founded in 2009, our transportation style has drastically changed. No longer do you have to wander street, waving an available — if any — taxi cab down. Just request a ride and like a knight in a shining Toyota, your carriage awaits. For 30 seconds. Now more ride features are being introduced, like Uber's ExpressPOOL. If you're wondering how to use Uber's ExpressPOOL, it's just as easy as a click and being whisked away. But cheaper and with a little bit more walking required.

ExpressPOOL solves a nuisance about the POOL feature while keeping the benefit of affordability. The Uber newsroom addresses this by saying, "for instance, riders love the affordability of POOL, but are less excited about the unpredictability that sharing can bring. Using this feedback, we built the next generation of shared rides from the ground up." Ever get in a shared ride and then were taken on a grand tour of a neighborhood you didn't ask for? That fact alone has swayed me a few time to select a luxurious single ride for double the price. The introduction of this new ride share feature aims to bring riders the best of both worlds.

And thankfully, it's super easy to your first express ride going.

Open Your Uber App


The actual first step of using this new feature is having a place to go. Need a slice of pizza from your favorite place across town? Great. Open your app. Where you typically find your ride options (Pool, Uber X, Black Car, SUV) you'll find another option for ExpressPOOL. Click on this.

Walk To Your Pick Up Location


For more efficient routes, Uber will do a quick search to locate other riders heading in her direction. (Thank you, efficiency gods!) Uber explains further in their newsroom that, "riders wait a few minutes before their trips begin, and then walk a short distance to a nearby spot for pick up and drop off. Walking and waiting help us make more optimal matches and provide better, straighter, faster routes with fewer detours, delivering an even more affordable and consistent option than POOL to consumers." Don't worry, you'll be provided walking directions to your pick up location so you aren't just wandering aimlessly looking for that black Toyota Prius with a specific license plate number you need to squint to match.

Enjoy Your Ride

You and your fellow riders will pile into your Uber, enjoying the luxury of an ~express~ trip to the part of town you're all traveling to. This is a great time to make new friends.

Walk To Your Destination

The Uber ExpressPOOL will drop you and your fellow riders at a designated drop off location. From there you will be provided walking directions to your final destination. Arrive in style, on time and the best part — with a happy bank account.

When can you start riding in this new ~style~? The latest ride sharing feature is available in limited cities as for now. It's available in San Francisco and Boston, where it's been piloted. As of Feb. 21 riders in Los Angeles, Denver and San Diego will be able to experience express. Miami, Philadelphia and Washington D.C. will get to use the feature starting Feb. 22.

This is a feature actually ~better~ for the environment. An Uber spokesperson tells Bustle, "Uber estimates that because riders opted to share a ride, more than 6.3 million gallons of gas were saved, and over 56,000 less metric tons of carbon dioxide were emitted. ExpressPOOL will only advance this legacy." Other cities will start seeing ExpressPOOL soon.