10 Steps To Help Use Your Phone A Whole Lot Less & Live Your Life A Whole Lot More

Alexey Kuzma/Stocksy

In the modern age, smart phones have made everything so much easier, then again they have made a lot of things a lot harder. Harder when it comes to like, putting the damn thing down and actually getting anything important done. So how about I school you on how to use your phone less? Because lord knows, if I don't engage forceful control of my phone use, it's hello, "Where did those four hours go?"

A survey done by Deloitte in 2017 found that two fifths (38 percent) of those surveyed believe that they are using their phone too much. Not as bad as you expected right? Well, the survey was on 4,150 UK consumers aged 16-75. In the 16-24 age group, 56 percent said they are using too much, and 41 percent of respondents in a relationship think their partner is spending too much time on their phone.

So basically, those figures show that way too many people are spending way too much time effing about on their phones. And I bet you are reading this because you are one of those people.

Well babes, you are not alone and you can definitely get a grip on this particular vice. If you are willing, that is, to put in what is effectively some very low maintenance work that will kick that over usage to the curb.


Out Of Sight Out Of Mind

When I say this, I am aware it sounds a bit silly but a recent study by the University of Texas showed that just having your phone in your eye line can lead to you being distracted by it, Science Alert reports.

So real talk, if you want to get some work done, or actually enjoy an entire TV show or film without being on your phone — put it in the other room.


Delete Social Media Apps

Social media is so annoying sometimes. Definitely addictive and it is so easy to get to scrolling. All the while hating people you vaguely know who seem to always be on holiday and then wondering why you're not on holiday, then feeling like crap.

Delete those apps, and then your phone is literally only for texts and phone calls.


Turn Off Mobile Internet

Maybe if social media is important for keeping in touch with loved ones, or perhaps you actually need it for work, you might have to keep them on. OK so if you turn off your mobile data, you will only be able to look at that stuff when you are back home and in the range of wifi.

Bingo, less phone use, and less data use, too.


Have A Curfew

No screen time for two hours before bed. Seriously. The blue light on that screen keeps you awake, as the National Sleep Foundation reports, as does negativity you might get from reading the news/social media/Donald Trump's Twitter account. You get what I mean.

Turn off and enjoy far better sleep and less phone time.


Have A Strict No Phone At The Table Rule

Is there actually anything more rude than someone jabbing away at their phone while you are sitting down to break bread? Nope didn't think so.

Sticking to a very strict no phone at the table rule means you can enjoy less phone time, and more importantly full sensory delight during your meal.


Disallow Phone Use During Work Hours

Wherever/whatever your work is — unless you expressly need your phone for the job, you should not be using it. Focus fully on the job at hand and actually progress and improve at your chosen career. As well as having those hours to completely be phone free.


Turn Off Notifications

Now this one takes time to really take proper effect but maybe after a while of constantly checking with a big fat zero on the screen might break the habit.

I mean, not that it helped me whenever I was waiting for someone to text.


Put It On Airplane Mode

Go off the grid. Stick your phone on airplane. Seriously, I know the thought of being entirely uncontactable for a period of time is stressful but it is also kind of the best.

Your phone should always be on airplane or do not disturb mode when you go to sleep and/or have something important to do.


Get A Watch

Is your phone your only way of telling the time? Yep, me too. Getting a watch means you have less reason, or excuse to look at your phone multiple times a day.

Also you then have an excuse to buy a cute watch.


Take Up A Hobby To Occupy Your Hands

Knitting, doodling, cross stitch, or even just squeezing a damn stress ball — anything to occupy your hands that isn't that dratted machine. Just think about how many televisual experiences you have destroyed by being all restless and needing something to do with your hands.

So do something that isn't scrolling, and let the good times flow.


Whatever works for you, make sure that you give it a shot and keep to it. The first little while you will feel a little freaked out and then after that, enjoy all of the benefits of a well rounded, lit AF life with less screen time. Live the life you pretend to on Instagram. Happy New Year y'all.