Here's How You Can Visit The 'Stranger Things' Corn Maze For A Spooky Fun Time

An Indiana town now has its own Stranger Things corn maze that will make you feel like you're actually in the Upside Down. Seriously, give this corn maze an Eleven for its creativity and its spot-on recreation of the Demogorgon, which hopefully isn't really hiding out in there.

The maze inspired by the Netflix series comes courtesy of Exploration Acres, which creates a new corn maze every year on its pumpkin patch, which has included mazes featuring the Beatles, Mount Rushmore, and Mr. Potato Head. This year's maze was inspired by viewing habits of Tim Fitzgerald, the president and CEO of Exploration Acres. "After binge-watching the entire Stranger Things series last year, I knew we had a unique opportunity to create an immersive environment for fans at our farm," Fitzgerald said in a statement on their website as to why he chose the theme.

This year's maze in Lafayette, Indiana, though, is their largest one yet. It spans 20 acres, equivalent to 15 football fields, and includes 10 miles of pathways that totally nail all your favorite Stranger Things references. From the show's logo to the giant Demogorgon going after the boys on their bikes to Eleven showing off her power stance, this is a sight to behold. Luckily, there are aerial shots of the maze that let you see everything that you couldn't while in the maze.

Courtesy of Exploration Acres

As for how they made this maze look so realistic, Fitzgerald explained that it was all thanks to GPS technology. "This year," he wrote on the official site, "new technology allowed us to plant the maze design like an inkjet printer, dropping seeds into the precise design we imagined."

From the looks of the map, this maze isn't going to be easy to conquer so you might want to channel your inner Bob (Sean Astin), Stranger Things' resident puzzle solver, to help you make it out of the stalks alive and not end up like Barb. Unfortunately, she wasn't given justice in this corn maze either. While everyone's favorite character didn't make the cut, fans are hoping some of the show's stars will make an appearance at the maze, which runs from September 14 through October 28. It's the kind of pre-Halloween fun that even the Byer family could enjoy.

Some fans though are hoping another one of the show's stars will show up. "There's going to be a 20-acre @Stranger_Things corn maze at @ExplorAcres this fall," @_lindsaymoore tweeted. "@joe_keery please come." So what do you say Joe can fans count on your to help them through the maze?

Stranger Things isn't the first series to get the corn maze treatment. In 2016, Game of Thrones got a 10-acre corn maze outside of Toronto in Canada. This maze featured the sigils of the Starks, Lannisters, and Targaryens. Last year, an Idaho farm created an 18-acre corn maze for Pac-Man.

But, as of now, the Stranger Things maze is the one everyone's talking about. It's also the perfect way to hold you over until Stranger Things Season 3 returns sometime next year, which should give you more than enough time to complete this maze.