How To Watch 'This Is Us' In The UK, Because This Is A Tear-Jerker You Won't Want To Miss

This Is Us/NBC

Although we have a lot of home-grown excellent televisual delights hitting our screens all the time, there is no denying our pals over in the States just keep on throwing us more to get our teeth around. Good on them, I say. UK fans are eating it up — especially shows like This Is Us. But how can you watch This Is Us in the UK? I mean because seriously, the American series is about as addictive as you can get.

Good news, my fellow This Is Us fans. You can watch Season 2 every Wednesday on More 4 at 11 p.m., or right now on catch-up over on All 4. However, currently only from episode eight is available to download as the others have expired.

Also, like real talk maybe you haven't even seen Season 1, let alone the first eight episodes of the second flipping season. But don't worry guys, I am here for you — there are other ways to watch this show.

So, if you have Amazon Prime, you can view the whole of the first season. However, the second isn't on there yet but you can buy up to episode 12 on there. A little frustrating as it has already had its finale over in the States and spoiler alert, Season 3 is very much on the way. Phew, it is always good to invest in something you know has a future — am I right?

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OK, but before I get onto what this lit AF show is all about, can I drop in that Mandy actual Moore is in it? Yes, the '00s pop sensation herself. Wowser.

The show, which comes from American network NBC, is sort of a la dramedy vibes, you know, laughing through the stress and chaos. It tells the story of the Pearson family across several decades.

The feel is that like, you should look beyond what you imagine is going on in people's lives; who knows what is going on behind closed doors, if you know what I mean. The generational element of the show makes you really feel like you low key grow up with the family and can totally get to see things unfold in the past that explain how the family are now. This also means a lot of mysteries are addressed throughout the seasons and come on, who doesn't love a bit of mystery?

Fans Stateside were a bit disappointed by how the show did at the Emmys, with people really expecting Ventimiglia to get a gong, after being nominated for an Outstanding Lead Actor in a drama series Emmy. Double sucks as he missed out after being nominated last year. However, I am sure that the success of the show and his adoring fans means he isn't too bummed out about it all.

Insider tip though, make sure you have hankies nearby when you watch this series. Even the stars of the show have admitted that they weep when they watch it. You've been warned.