How To Watch U.S. 'Love Island' In The UK Because Double The Relationship Drama Is The Dream


What's better than spending your summer evenings getting your fill of Love Island drama? Getting your fill of double the drama. Yep, that's right. While Love Island may have become a massive phenomenon in the UK, it's actually a pretty big deal worldwide. The Anna and Amber vs Danny fiasco may be keeping you busy, but now there is a whole other villa full of contestants to be discovered. But how can you watch U.S. Love Island in the UK? Let's dig in and see if it's possible. Because you know this show is going to be epic.

It's hardly surprising that Love Island has blown up worldwide. What's a pretty simple premise for a show is so incredibly addictive it's only fair that everyone gets to enjoy it. Love Island U.S. will be aired on CBS and the network has announced a release date of July 9 2019. But what about us Brits? How do we get in on the action?

I have contacted a Love Island U.S. rep to find out any information about a possible UK release date, but I'm still waiting to hear back. I'll be sure to get back to you as soon as I know anything. However, the Radio Times recently reported that it's their understanding from ITV sources that there are no plans currently to air the U.S. version in the UK. So we may well have to get your fill of love triangles and re-couplings from Casa Amour.

While the host and location for the U.S. version of Love Island may be completely different, it's actually fairly similar to the Love Island you know and adore. Love Island UK flies out the islanders to a villa in Spain for the summer. Love Island U.S. all takes place in a similar villa in Fiji. The aim of the game is still to find lasting love. However, while the UK islanders are all under the watchful eye of Caroline Flack, presenter Arielle Vandenberg is in charge of the U.S. version. You may recognise Vandenberg from Epic Movie, Nerve, and Dark Moon Rising.

One thing that you can count on with Love Island, whether it's the UK or U.S. version, is the contestants are going to be drop dead gorgeous. This year, a student, musician, publicist, and photographer are among those set to fly to Fiji and find romance.

As previously mentioned, Love Island U.S. will air on July 9 and, just like the UK version, U.S. viewers will be able to catch it every weeknight for an hour. However, it airs at 8 p.m., so that could well mean that things are a little more PG, with fewer shots from the Hideaway hot tub, if you catch my drift.

It would be awesome to have double Love Island in your life, even if the drama could start to get confusing. There are no reports that Love Island U.S. will be available in the UK any time soon but, if this changes, I will keep you up to date.