You Can Win This Iconic Kylie Tee

If you're a Kylie Cosmetics fan, the Kylie Shop is probably your favorite online store at this point. From hoodies to phone cases, it's got everything Kylie-related that a fan could want. Now, you can win a Kylie "Like Realizing Stuff" tee thanks to the mogul herself. The reality star and Kylie Cosmetics owner is giving supporters the chance to snag one of the most popular items in the online Kylie Shop for free because she's kind of great to her fans.

The "Like Realizing Things" tee has been one of the most popular items in the shop according to Jenner's website and giveaway announcement. It's not that hard to see why, though. Jenner's now infamous 2016 resolutions video where she discusses how the upcoming year is all about "realizing things," was immediately parody worthy, and Jenner is totally able to make fun of herself. Personally, I think it's Jenner's self-depreciating humor that fuels the shirts' popularity.

Currently, the shirt is only available online in sizes large and extra large. If you need a bigger or small size, it make seem like you're out of luck until the next restock. That's not true anymore, though. Jenner is giving away 25 shirts for free.

According to Jenner's website, entering is a breeze. Simply head to Jenner's site and tell Kylie via a submission form what you realized in 2016. The star will then pick the top 25 answers to the question, and the winners will receive the tee.

If you want to enter, you may want to hurry. The deadline to enter is Jan. 13 at at 4 p.m. PT. You've got right at two days left to snag this product and straight from Jenner herself.

While Jenner may have restocked her shop just recently, almost nothing is available all sizing options — including this shirt. That means that not only is the contest a way to get a personal gift from Jenner, but it could also be your only way to snag your size in the tee. After all, it is a fan favorite.

If you want to enter the contest, head over to Jenner's website, explain how you've also realized things in 2016, and you could be one of the lucky 25.