Why The Solar Eclipse Is The Best Time To Start A New Job

On Monday, August 21, people across the United States will have the opportunity to view a total solar eclipse. Considering the last time a total solar eclipse was visible from coast to coast was in 1918, almost 100 years ago, the event could very well be well-deserving of all the hype surrounding it. While the eclipse will be visible outside the path of totality, it will only be a full eclipse in locations inside the path. While the country prepares for a exciting event, it may be time to consider your own. If you're wondering if the solar eclipse could affect your career, the answer is yes.

Are you waiting to hear back about a job offer, debating whether to switch gears, or deciding if its time to ask for that promotion? The time is now. Considering that this is an celestial event, its a good idea to look at your horoscope to see the affects of the eclipse in your life. According to Astrology Zone: "They are some of the most dramatic tools that the universe uses to get us to pay attention to areas in our life that need to change. They uproot us, surprise us, and get us moving. They shake us out of our feelings of compliancy so that we can move from one level of maturity to another, to a higher plane, and they work very rapidly. Eclipses want us to change, and change we do!"

Switching jobs can feel like a massive change, especially if you've been there for a some time and gotten comfortable. Odds are, if you've been thinking about moving on, you've been looking for a good reason to. The solar eclipse is that reason. Here's why the solar eclipse is the best time to start a new job.

The Feminine Moon Has Your Back

In a society that still thinks women have to choose between career and family, it can feel challenging to take a stand to move your career in the direction you want. "At 2:30 p.m. EDT on August 21, the feminine moon will block out the patriarchal Sun, like, “Nevertheless she persisted!” In a year that will no doubt be immortalized as The Patriarchy Gone Wild, this is insanely significant," the AstroTwins note.

Eclipse's Signal Life Events

"An eclipse can bring news of a birth of a baby, an engagement or marriage, a promotion or career breakthrough, important travel, the signing of a vital business contract, or the start of one’s own business...Monumental events, meetings and partings, or changes within your career may also take place at an eclipse — they are dates we usually long remember.No matter what occurs, it will become evident that the universe is intent on moving you forward. Eclipses often mark a major turning point," according to Astrology Zone. While lunar eclipses are known to create emotional endings, solar eclipses generally bring new beginnings and new opportunities.

You'll Realize What You're Worth

The solar eclipse is arriving in Leo, as the AstroTwins tells it, "Leo rules the ego and the urge to express ourselves — 'I have arrived!'" This is the time to realize your self-worth and what you deserve out of your career. If you're in a place that isn't fulfilling what you need, the eclipse will help you explore where it is you should go.

Your True Feelings Will Be Revealed

"Deeply Freudian and buried feels will be on blast during these eclipses, especially the total solar eclipse on the 21st since the moon will be on parade. Did you even have a clue you were upset about that situation? Nope. But eclipses have a funny way of ripping up the rugs where we’ve buried our pain," the AstroTwins explain. Really try to be aware of how you're feeling and where you want to see yourself move forward. You might not even have realized how ready you are to make a change.

Eclipse or not, if you want to start a new job, go for it. Sit back, put on your eclipse glasses, and get ready to change your life.