How Would Pants Wear Pants? Another Infernal Pants Meme Is Taking Over The Internet

While the rest of the known universe has been focused on the political and international drama of the past year, there is a small but mighty part of the internet whose concerns lie elsewhere: pants. If this meme about how pants would wear pants that is going viral today is any indication, it seems like the pants-demonium (it's Thursday, let me live, OK?) won't be ending any time soon. Twitter user @bobby posted two alternative images exploring this existentially fraught "pants wearing pants" question captioned with "quick question," prompting yet another round of internet insanity.

It is times like these that you really start to hate yourself, because you look at an image like this and think, "Why TF is this going viral?" But then, a beat later, think to yourself, "Also, it's so obvious it's the version on the right, and I will literally cut anyone who tries to argue otherwise." And all of a sudden you have a Strong Opinion, and are part of the force of Strong Opinions that bring this internet nonsense to the forefront out of the sad and possibly haunted dorm basement where it belongs.

Anyway, if you feel like getting into a fight over pants (again), the internet has delivered.

In case that is still not enough pants to get in a fight over, forget not the pants of internet past — for they too served their greater purpose in distracting us from the occasionally terrifying dumpster fire that is Twitter dot com. First up, of course, are the dog pants of late 2015, which inspired me to yell "YOU'RE JUST WRONG" across our crowded open air office at one of my coworkers. (If you're reading this you know who you are, and I hope you're still stewing in your wrongness.)

And of course, the much more recent pants controversy to provoke ire in the hearts of pants-wearers everywhere — the memes about Topshop's mom jeans with clear panels were trending on Twitter for what seemed like half of my adult life earlier this year. (Unpopular opinion: I'm really not against these? I mean I wouldn't have spent money on them, but like, guys. Worse jeans are happening every day. They probably also once happened to you in 2003 at someone's yard sale. CHILL.)

Le sigh. I guess I'll see you guys again sometime six months from now when another pair of innocent pants goes viral for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Pants out.